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At our Fitness Boot Camp we aim to educate and empower all of our clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to make lasting changes. This is installed through positive thought combined with effective exercise and nutritious food. The training at Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp UK utilises our three main energy systems, ie speed, strength and endurance. Our Fitness Boot Camp ensures every client leaves with all the information they need to continue training successfully at home, whether they use a gym or just train from home.

To achieve this, throughout the Boot Camp week, we deliver various workshops. These Boot Camp workshops are delivered in line with the Boot Camp Training schedule, enabling clients to experience and then understand how and why all the training is carried out. The whole boot camp revolves around a 3 month Boot Camp physical goal that the client wishes to achieve. Their chosen physical goal is not linked to weight loss or a dress size, rather a distanced run, cycle, swim or gym related achievement.

This 3 month Fitness Boot Camp goal enables the boot camp instructor to give the information needed to prescribe a progressive weekly Boot Camp Training Plan. Included in the Boot Camp package is 3 months of weekly training plans that are emailed to the client, every Sunday for the following week. Clients then return their training results from the previous week’s Boot Camp training plan. This can include high and low points, plus how much time they can dedicate to the following week’s training, whether they have access to a gym or whether they are training at home. This continues for 3 months post Boot Camp until their Fitness Boot Camp goal is achieved. This, combined with the nutritious and great tasting recipes each client takes home from the Boot Camp, delivers the weight loss and dress sizes initially sought after.  But don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of Boot Camp Testimonials to prove it!


Fitness Boot Camp Nutrition

Naomi Devlin

Our Boot Camp Nutritionist, Naomi Devlin, works alongside Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall at TV’s River Cottage. Naomi delivers several nutrition workshops throughout the Boot Camp week and turns pretty much everything you thought you knew about healthy nutrition on its head!

Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp UK is all about eating real food, traditionally prepared from scratch. Our tasty and filling recipes contain all the ingredients for health and well-being – whole-grains, seasonal vegetables and fruit, pulses, fish, meat, nuts and seeds, live yogurt, whole-milk, butter, olive oil and a whole range of herbs and spices that bring it all to life.

The majority of the food at our BootCamp is gluten free with the exception of sourdough bread (gluten free bread is available on request). Food intolerances are becoming more common and can contribute to fatigue, weight gain, hormonal problems and mood swings. Because many people struggle to completely digest their food due to food intolerance, our Boot Camp gives your tummy a break from gluten, so that you can reap the maximum benefit from your stay at Reboot Dorset’s Weight Loss Bootcamp.


Our Fitness Boot Camp Ethos

group exercise

At our Fitness Boot Camp we believe more can be achieved through encouraging clients during the training sessions rather than demanding respect screaming at participants via military style instruction.

Throughout your Boot Camp Holiday the instructors stay at the at the same accommodation, eat at the same table as the clients and take part in some of the training sessions throughout the week. We are there to support our clients 24/7. Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp UK empowers the individual with positive thoughts and better understanding, which has proved extremely successful and in many cases has been a life changing experience.

Over the last six years at Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp we have received 100% positive feedback from all of our customers.



  • We have 100% Fitness Boot Camp customer satisfaction – all of our Boot Camp clients highly recommend us – please check out our testimonial page
  • Our Grade 2 Georgian Rectory Boot Camp accommodation is set in the beautiful Dorset countryside, just 5 minutes away from the beaches of the stunning Jurassic coastline
  • You will receive 12 weekly personal training plans after your Fitness Boot Camp week
  • Free weekly training plans from the moment you book until your Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camp starts
  • 3 tasty, nutritious and freshly prepared meals and 3 snacks each day prepared by our on site chef – at our Fitness & Weight Loss Boot Camp you will not go hungry!
  • All recipes for the meals you eat at Bootcamp will be included in your post Boot Camp Pack to enable you to replicate them at home, ensuring lasting results
  • We prepare you to become your OWN personal trainer once the Boot Camp experience is complete!
  • Our Fitness Boot Camp Team want you to succeed and guarantee RESULTS!

100% Boot Camp Customer Satisfaction


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            Disclaimer*: Results will differ from person to person depending on various contributing factors.

Reboot bring you closer to your real self. This is the key to changing your life.

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  • Ensure the Boot Camp’s Fitness instructors are fully qualified, experienced and insured.
  • Check that the Boot Camp team are all first aid trained and know how to deal with any emergency.
  • Make sure the Fitness Boot Camp programmes enough rest periods during the week for your body to recover (ie 2 rest days per 7 exercise days).
  • Ensure three nutritious meals plus snacks every day are provided, anyone can lose weight by not eating enough calories.
  • Check out their Boot Camp testimonials or their Facebook page.
  • Be wary of any Boot Camp that promises ‘unbelievable’ results. Always make sure that the weight loss is realistic, healthy and sustainable.
  • See if the Boot Camp provides after care and post support to ensure last results.