24 – 28 May Fitness Boot Camp UK

24 – 28 May Fitness Boot Camp

This Blog is dedicated to the 24-28 May fitness boot camp holiday that we ran. It includes a few of the photos taken during the boot camp week, the testimonials we received from the clients in attendance as well as the video we took and edited to remind the Rebooters what they did.

April Fitness Boot Camp UK

“One of the best experiences of my life.  Would recommend to anyone – so much learned this week!” Daniel Painter

“I had been before and signed up again with a fair degree of trepidation.  A few years had passed and I was far less fit than my previous visit.  I am so glad I did it!  After three days I felt like my old self and my strength returned.  Lifesaver!” Adam Roberts


“Awesome, life changing, motivational and incredibly do-able for anyone who wants a kick in the right direction.  A challenge, a lifestyle change that is realistic and makes you feel on the top of the world.  Loved it!  Top TOP instructors who know what they are talking about.” Sarah Kerr


 Broadchurch Location


“If you make one big decision this year, make it Reboot.  It will change your life.  You may be as lucky as our group and make new friends.  I learnt so much about myself and realised I wasn’t bad at everything.  It’s hard, it’s a challenge but it is immensely rewarding.” Mandy Ebsworth


“Choose Reboot – the information they give you will last a lifetime.  Brilliant – worth every penny!” Anon

April Fitness Boot Camp UK

“A life changing experience and one of the most memorable of my life.  Would recommend it for anyone who wants to change their life for the better.  Great value for money.” Baljit Kaur


“Reboot is not one of those shouty, abusive, restrictive boot camp, yet their results surpass those that do.  The guys at Reboot care – it’s not a limitation, but an advantage.  Neil is inspirational.  Mark is motivational.  Glyn gets you there without realising it and Sheralyn is a nutritional goddess.” Woke Fagbemi


During the boot camp video footage is collected during the week displaying some of the training sessions as well as the beautiful locations. It is a great motivational tool for clients when they return home and feel that they can’t complete a training session.

April Fitness Boot Camp 2017

Here is the video from our last fitness boot camp holiday…



Well as you can see Reboot Dorset is more than just a boot camp, we aim to educate and empower all that attend with the knowledge and confidence to make positive, significant and lasting healthy lifestyle changes.
For more information about our Fitness Boot Camps or to book your place please call Mark directly on 07899 933084 or email Sue at info@rebootdorset.com.

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