Best Value Fitness Boot Camp

Best Value Fitness Boot Camp

 I’ve been to a lot of boot camps and fasting retreats in the last 8/9 years. I try and do at least one of each of not both, every year and a re-set….a Reboot if you will!
Best Value Boot CampThere are some things I think you could argue when people try and negotiate the price like I did :-)
After having attended your camp, I believe that Reboot really offers REAL value for money. Many fitness boot camps do not offer such a full program as Reboot.  Many of them finish way before yours.  I went to one recently that finished at 4pm, we had dinner at 5pm and that was it!  They did start at 7am…but that was bonkers.
Reboot days are much longer (as you know of course).  Not only that but they are very complete, well thought out and balanced in terms of work, rest, lectures etc.  This is more value for money in my book.
You guys also offer way more lectures, science, theory and first-hand experience (Neil’s talk was inspirational).  Many boot camps are just exercise and no science behind it.  Also you guys took the time to make sure everyone’s posture was correct, the correct squat positions etc – all very thorough.  A ‘complete’ boot camp experience, rather than just pure exercise.
I also like the fact that you take us to the beach for training and also swimming.  It breaks up the week and adds a welcome change of scenery, as well as a chance to see a bit of your wonderful local area. Plus it shows us that you can do fitness anywhere!  This obviously costs you guys more money, time and effort to organise – again, making it more value for money for us clients!  Again, I would point this out to anyone arguing the cost :-)
I also think you guys should make more of the fact that Mark is there all the time as the boot camp owner / manager / lead trainer.  Many of the fitness boot camps I have been to you never meet the person you booked with or anyone from Management / Ownership, which makes clients feel like just another number, going through ‘The Mill’.
I know you know this, but Mark is AMAZING!   His care, thoughtfulness and energy were inspiring.  Any time we were struggling up a hill or our muscles were aching he was right there encouraging everyone with the right words.  There was no judgement about anyone in the group, their state of fitness, weight or ability, just positive encouragement and also, when needed something a bit more forceful…but always with good grace!  He was even good with the difficult personality we had on our particular course (no, not me…someone else ;-)).  He is an inspiration.
I also really like the fact that the staff sit with us guests at meal times and talk to us; this time is great to get the know the trainers etc.  At other boot camps staff all go off in their group, which can be quite cliquey.
Onto the other staff … they were also AMAZING.  I loved both Bev and Neil.  Both very different but both with such likeable personalities and the same care and attention as Mark.  Bev had such a great and kind demeanour and Neil is such an inspiration – what he has achieved after the adversity he has suffered is the stuff of movies!
I think you should also add that the programme continues after the boot camp, with Mark writing and sending every client boot camp training plans.  This is an amazing service which I have never encountered!  It really shows that he cares about each and every one of his clients.  A rare thing, believe me!
The Thursday dinner is also worth mentioning when people book.  Not everywhere does this and of those that do, yours is the best.  I love the ‘making a gift’ for someone bit, very group enhancing.
Oh and the boot camp film/DVD….I know we pay for this (or we get it free when we buy a hoodie), but it’s great to watch it all together at the end of the week, and reflect on what we’d achieved in those short 5 days!  Another bonus of the week, and one which I’d not ever encountered before.
For the cost of £495 (which is less than £100 per day) for accommodation in a great house, three meals a day, snacks, drinks, workshops, boot camp training sessions and 12 weeks after care, it can’t be beat!
Jess 2016
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Fitness Boot Camp – Circuit Dose

Circuit Dose Boot Camp Training

Circuit Dose Training Photo


In this blog you will find all the information and tuition you require to effectively carry out the ‘Circuit Dose’ session as delivered at Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp. The session is a high intensity circuit type session for those wanted to improve all over body strength. This boot camp style training session only requires an exercise mat. All of the exercises are body resistance and the video describes varying options for all abilities.

Before watch the video please download these 3 documents.

  1. ‘Circuit Dose Assessment’ – You use this sheet to write down the scores achieved on each exercise over 30 secs and the half number of reps… Circuit Dose Assessment.
  2. ‘Circuit Dose Reps x 3’ – You transfer the half number of reps scores from your ‘Circuit Dose Assessment’ sheet to this one… Circuit Dose Reps x 3.
  3. ‘Circuit Dose Results’ – You use this sheet to collate your times and chart your progress… Circuit Dose Results.

Now that you have saved these documents or preferably printed them off you can now start the Reboot Fitness Boot Camp Circuit Dose Video.




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Quantity Not Quality

Quality Boot Camp Training

When you carry out a boot camp training session it is important to ascertain the required outcome. For many boot camp athletes they believe it is important to maintain correct lifting technique, ensuring full range of movement of the given joint or even staying within their optimum ability. This is all well and good if you want to achieve longevity but, let’s be honest, lifting heavier and completing more reps than our boot camp counter-parts supersedes effective boot camp training.

Fitness Boot CAmp Quantity

Let’s look at the typical boot camp press-up as a perfect example. Why would anyone insist on correct postural position or bending their arms until their chest touches the floor? Surely it is much better to pelvic hump the floor while keeping the arms straight or to lower your forehead to the floor preventing full range of movement. This will mean than more press-ups can be achieved making you the ultimate boot camp athlete, enabling you to boast about your performance results.

It is not only the quantity of boot camp exercises I am referring to but also the amount of weight you lift. Why on earth would anyone lift within their ability ensuring correct boot camp technique is adhered to? Obviously it is more important to be able to boast about your maximum bench press, squat or dead lift weight. To achieve this the athlete is required to bounce the lifted weight off the floor or chest. This enables the floor, or even better their spine, to recoil the free energy back through the bar. To increase the amount of weight you can squat simply shorten the range of movement your hips and knees bend enabling between 30%-40% weight increase.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, what about injury?

Let me tell you this, and you heard it here first… injury is under rated!

You do not need to worry about your knees, elbows or shoulders; think about it, you have two. As for your spine, there are so many animals that exist on this planet that don’t even have a spine. What is more these creatures were existing on this planet long before we did.

So to conclude this boot camp article please remember the following points:

1. More is more.
2. If you are not lifting outside your comfort zone, compromise technique.
3. Spotting is for nerds.
4. Above all else never ever be beaten.

Thanks for reading this blog and please stay tuned for more helpful boot camp training advice that will have you in a wheel chair before you are 60.

* Important – Please do not compromise correct lifting techniques or decrease range of movement to increase reps completed or weight lifted.

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Racist Fitness Boot Camp

Inspirational Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp UK

“This place is not suitable for ethnic minorities. You will get ignored the whole time and the staff will be distant and stand offish. While I was there I was ignored by the staff. I was given the dingiest shabby room with no lights and had to scramble around in the dark to get ready. When I asked for a light bulb they put on a light with such low voltage it hardly came on. They also paired me up with another ethnic minority and we were laughing at how we got paired up together. The exercise programme is from 7am to 7pm so any opportunity to have a nap, I would take it. There was a staff who had amputated leg as he had lost it in the army in Afghanistan. He did a talk on how he lost his leg in Afghanistan. I stayed for the first talk but the next day I went to my room and slept. It was nothing political. When I came down, everybody was giving me dirty looks. I don’t know what the talk has got to do with boot camp anyway. On Thursday there was a dinner held and we played a game, a bit like secret santa where we had to make presents for the name chosen. The staff did not include my name. When I sat down the staff with the beard went to the kitchen, got a egg cup and put it in the box for the person who was not included- which was me. On the last day I was extremely light headed. I went to ask the cook if I can have some sugar and she got annoyed, she huffed and puffed while getting a sugar out of the cupboard. I explained that I am feeling very dizzy. Then when we all sat down to get our plans made up, again the staff did everybody’s plan and ignored me. I approached him and he didn’t seem at all interested. It was a very bad experience and wish I didn’t waste my hard earned money on such experience. I know countrysides are racist and this place definitely is. If you are ethnic minority, get ready to be ignored and alone.” Reena Shiva

This was a review we received from a client attending our Fitness Boot Camp via Google+ page and this is our response…

“Dear Reena – although this is not the name you booked your boot camp with us under – why are you going incognito? To label our company as racist is quite disgusting and you have absolutely no right to do so. Clients are paired off in rooms randomly so the fact that you shared a room with another lady of ethnic minority is purely down to chance and the fact that you had both booked a shared room (triple basic – the cheapest option we offer). The other clients had booked private rooms. I can assure you that we do not distribute varying voltage light bulbs due to sex, colour or religion and I am sorry the bulbs provided were not of a voltage to your satisfaction. The accommodation you stayed in is one of the oldest and most beautiful rectories in England and is a period listed property. The rooms are not dingy or shabby. The exercise programme is not from 7am to 7pm. The boot camp training schedule each day is full and varied, broken up by three meals, two snacks, nutrition workshops and positive mental attitude talks. There is not a scheduled time during the day for clients to have a siesta, sorry. Reboot is an exercise and fitness boot camp, not an opportunity to catch up on missed sleep. The instructor you mentioned in your review, Neil Heritage, had not lost one leg but had both of his legs blown off – it was not in Afghanistan but Iraq. The presentation that Neil delivers was not about him losing his legs but rather an inspiring talk about his life post injury and his cross Atlantic rowing challenge. This is done to encourage motivation and show that anything is possible with the right frame of mind no matter what barriers are put in front of us. If you had stayed for the presentation you would have known this. Neil is an inspirational individual and has helped many clients with his positive and motivational story – I am sorry you feel this was not appropriate. As for your comment “everybody was giving me dirty looks”, I am afraid that we have no control over the facial expressions of our other clients but it was certainly not something that we noticed. I am sorry but I have no idea what you are referring to when you say that the staff did not include your name for the team building, creative session on the Thursday evening. Throughout the week the nutritionist discussed with the group why we do not eat sugar at the boot camp (perhaps you missed this talk when you were having another nap) so when you demanded sugar it took a while for our staff to find some. I can assure you that our chef would not have “huffed and puffed”, as it is not in her nature. and I’m sure that our hundreds of former clients would agree. When it came to writing your training plan you informed me that you wanted to continue attending the classes you were attending prior to boot camp and that you did not have any need for our three month post boot camp training – therefore there was nothing for me to write down in your training plan. This was your decision, not ours. Throughout the boot camp you isolated yourself from the group and missed integral parts of the week by choosing to remove yourself and take regular naps. I find your narrow-mindedness and stereotypical view that everyone from the countryside is a racist ridiculous and abhorrent. Just so that you know, none of our staff actually live in the Old Rectory – we only rent the accommodation for our boot camps. The majority of our staff, and indeed the other clients on your boot camp, all live in large towns or cities. I am sure from the previous 46 positive reviews we have received here on Google+, and the hundreds of positive reviews that we have received from clients of all races, religion and genders, that future clients will see through YOUR racist views and not allow it to affect the decision to book a fitness boot camp with Reboot.”

Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp UK

Response from a previous client…

“To all those reading these comments, I would like to state that “Reena’s” comments do not in any way reflect reality.

The time I spent with Reboot was one of the most challenging (mentally and physically), rewarding, uplifting and fun weeks – oh and it was also “ethnically diverse”, not that any of us noticed as we were, from the off, treated as one big family. To put it into context, out of the eight in our group, four (myself included) were from “non-white” backgrounds and not once did a single one of us (and the whole group is still in touch) feel degraded, unfairly treated or disregarded because of our ethnicity, our religious views, our sexuality etc.

The week is tough, make no mistake, but it is approached with confidence inspiring techniques, motivational talks and a “you can do it” attitude – Mark, Beverley, Neil et al. frankly do not have time in the week to make negative aspersions over someone’s ethnicity and it is obvious from the few moments of meeting them that this is a team high on integrity and equality. Neil’s involvement is testament to Reboot’s stance on “looking beyond the surface” and from our wide ranging topics of conversation at supper time, it was clear that the team were blind to any kind of “…ism” that there is. One’s differences just were not ever an issue. Full stop.

Referring to Reena’s comments around the accommodation, Reboot is set in a lovely old Rectory and a range of rooms are available, based on how much you choose to pay. None of the rooms, even the cheapest ones, are small or dingy and had the room been so bad, Reena could have asked Mark to see if there were any others available and find out what sort of deals he could have offered her. I originally booked a shared room and before I even saw it, I decided on the day I arrived to see if there were any private rooms with en-suites available and Mark sorted me out with a lovely room for a very reasonable additional sum.

It is a shame that Reena felt so put out in her time with Reboot, but from her post it actually seems as though she was expecting a spa break and was affronted when it was not a week full of cuddles and chocolates. In no way would her ethnicity have played any part in how she was treated – that from an outside perspective looks to be a cheap shot from a disgruntled “house-guest”.

Please do not disregard Reboot on the basis of Reena’s post. Instead choose them and go with a positive mental attitude, the expectation that you will be worked hard and challenged to your limits and go with a real purpose. If you do that, you will enjoy your time immensely, make new friends, and have a wholly different outlook on exercise and healthy eating.

I would note, Reboot has not solicited me to make any comments with regard to Reena’s original post and I have not discussed with them that I intend to write and so as you read this for the first time, so will they.

Very best,”

Liam Sheena (Iraqi origin – in case you were wondering)

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Boot Camp Training

Most people that train think that just attending a boot camp training session or boot camp class is all that is required to improve their fitness and in turn their physique. They will read an article in a magazine about exercises to carry out to get rid of bingo wings. It will prescribe a series of exercises, reps and sets for the reader to follow. They then go to the gym or boot camp class and pick up a light weight and throw them around with little effort thinking they are all sorted!!!

So what is required to gain the optimum performance and results?

1. Assess and except your current ability.

2. Test your endurance by running at a slow pace for 60 minutes and measure your distance. This distance then becomes your weekly boot camp endurance run and when you get the time down to 55 minutes you add 1/2 km. You stay in your comfort zone and and let your improved cardiac output get the results.

3. Strength training can be carried out in the gym, at a fitness Boot camp, a circuit class or at home with your body. Strength training is about finding failure between rep sessions between 1-25. If you pick a weight up and carry out 8 exercises with a weight you can achieve 10, all you are doing if maintaining your current ability. If you want to improve your strength you need to lift a weight that you can lift 10 times, 11 times. When you get to the failure point you pull on it hard for 3 seconds ensuring good form is maintained. You are asking your body to achieve something it can’t and when this process is repeated your body gets stronger. It is important to mix up reps to continually shock the body, 1 week you so sets of 8, next week 18, next week 12 and so on.

4. You need to decide why you are training. Hopefully your boot camp training goal is to improve health and increase your longevity.

At Reboot Dorset UK Fitness Boot Camp we encourage clients to protect their body and work towards longterm health and fitness for the future.

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Fitness BootCamp Training – Endurance

Fitness BootCamp Training

Endurance Training Advice From Reboot Fitness Boot Camp

Endurance Training Advice From Reboot Fitness Boot Camp


Endurance Training

So far in this series of boot camp blogs we have looked at why we are training; I have explained that it is to achieve longevity, as well as working out our current ability through physical assessments.


I am going to spread the next section over three blogs. We will look at how the body works, types of boot camp training sessions that complement the body and what benefits they have.


If you have not already read my ‘Great Big Gym Conspiracy’ blog then please follow this Fitness BootCamp link now. This blog explains why you are not achieving the results you deserve following your current prescribed work-out from your initial gym induction.


There are three main energy systems that the body uses as it carries out our normal daily tasks and when we physically challenge ourselves. At Reboot Fitness Boot Camp we aim to educate the mind and body using the most effective training methods, giving a better understanding of how to best train these systems and why.


Firstly, we will look at the endurance energy system. This is either overused for the majority of individuals that train and don’t use a gym, or underused for those that either weight train or take part in group exercise sessions


Endurance Boot Camp training is achieved by maintaining a rhythmic low intensity type exercise that maintains your heart rate between 65% – 75% max (this would be between around 130 – 145 BPM depending on age and gender), for around a 60 minute period. Remember that we are training for longevity and to assist with this goal we will need to continue our regular training over our whole life-time. Now some of you may be thinking “train continuously for 1 hour …. you must be joking!”, while others may think “is that all?”  In my experience, those that train for longer periods, let’s say 3 – 6 hours for marathons or triathlons, tend to not maintain it over much more than a decade and those that do find that it hinders their social life!  Many people who train for a marathon do it once in their lifetime and the experience probably puts them off from running ever again.


One of the benefits of Boot Camp training in the aerobic zone is that it helps to preserve life. It is a type of cardiovascular training, therefore it increases your overall cardio output, and, in turn, lowers your resting heart rate (which is a good thing). However there is plenty of research out there now suggesting super endurance events (marathons and longer triathlons) can have a detrimental effect long term on your cardiovascular system.


Other benefits of endurance training include increased mitochondria at cellular level and this leads to higher efficiency of energy production. Quite simply this means that at a given heart rate your body can achieve more. This type of training also burns a higher percentage of fat from the overall calories burnt compared to speed training. However the overall amount of calories burnt are usually lower. There are other physical adaptations that occur when sustained endurance training is carried out and they include: weight loss, increase of slow twitch muscle fibres and a widening of the capillaries to make them more susceptible to deliver oxygen to the muscles.


Now all this may sound a bit complicated … basically, the best thing about these adaptations is that they occur automatically whether you understand them or not!


So now let’s look at the modes of training that can be carried out to achieve the aforementioned physiological adaptations. The three main modes of training include running, swimming and cycling.  If you are a member of a gym then this can also be achieved using a rowing machine.


You do not need a heart rate monitor to ensure correct heart rate is maintained.   By a rule of thumb, if you can hold a conversation with the person training next to you then you are probably doing OK. If you are unable to maintain an endurance session for the full hour then you are probably going too fast! It is much better to go slower than you think you should to help build up your confidence for the next session.


I have written another blog that can be viewed following this Fitness BootCamp link on how to build up to 1 hour boot camp running.


Once you are able to run, bike, swim or row for 1 hour you should measure the distance you achieve and then each time you train you simply time yourself completing that distance. As your body adapts your time will decrease and when you get your time down to 55 minutes you simply increase the distance by an amount that takes you back up to 60 minutes. You then repeat this process until your reach a level of fitness you are happy with.   At this point you enter ‘maintenance mode boot camp training’, which is another blog entirely.


Well there you have it!


Thanks for reading my blog and I would appreciate it if you shared it with your friends on whatever social media platform you use.


In the next fitness boot camp blog we are going to look at speed training, so please watch this space.






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Fitness Boot Camp Assessments – Where Are You?

Fitness Boot Camp Assessments

Fitness Boot Camp

Over the last couple of decades I have met many clients who have been a gym member for many years, yet seem to be less fit now than when they joined. This can only be determined by the fact that their weight has increased or they no longer fit into the clothes they once wore. How is it they don’t know for sure? Because they never assessed their level of fitness when they initially started boot camp training.

Whether this is down to the gym induction they received, or another contributing factor, it is neither here nor there. How are you ever going to measure your progress if you don’t know where you started?

When a client arrives at our Fitness Boot Camp the first thing we inform them is that we do not use weighing scales, either before they start or after. I have met so many clients that have built a negative relationship with scales, as they wake up in the morning and weigh themselves, then after having a pee they are back on the scales to see how much weight they have lost. This is a ritual that many carry out year after year after year. Using weight as a sole assessor does not take into account muscle gained, time of the month, hydration levels or body type of that individual.

I recently had a client on a three month personal training boot camp programme; his weight remained the same for the first six weeks of training. Now, if I hadn’t taken measurements from around his body and assessed his strength, endurance or speed, he may have given up after the first six weeks. Luckily we knew that he had lost 4” around his waist, increased his press-up score over a minute by 120%, increased his sit-up score over a minute by 160% and decreased his 1.5 mile run by 2 min 30 secs. The reason he had not lost any weight is that his body’s muscle mass had increased at the same level that his fat stores had decreased. Over the next six weeks his muscle mass plateaued and his weight decreased by 2.5 stones as it got rid of the fat stores his body no longer required.

So what Fitness Boot Camp assessments do we use and how can you carry them out at home?

We take a series of measurements from around the body and you can see where we take them from at the bottom of this blog. Please be very strict with all your Boot Camp assessments otherwise you will not have any faith in the results you gain when you re-assess at a later date.

The first three physical assessments we carry out on Boot Camp include:

• 1.5 mile run
• Press-Ups 1 minute best effort
• Sit-Ups 1 minute best effort

There are many other physical Boot Camp assessments we carry out as the Boot Camp progresses but this is enough to get you started.

This is your starting point and this information is your benchmark. For any Boot Camp Training sessions you carry out in the future, the impact it has on your physical ability can be measured.

Please use the Fitness Boot Camp Assessment sheet we have provided below to log your results.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Reboot Fitness Boot Camp Blog and we hope you have found it helpful. In the next Blog we are going to look at how the body works and see why you are not achieving the results you deserve.

Please remember to share this link on as many social media channels you have and email any friends you think might find this helpful.

Be healthy and enjoy life xxx

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Free Fitness Boot Camp…

Beach Boot Camp Training

Boot Camp by the BEACH

Boot Camp by the BEACH

Over the next few months I am going to write a weekly boot camp blog detailing how Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp UK has become so successful in helping people make healthy, lasting changes to their lives. I will basically take you right through the whole Boot Camp process; from the moment a client arrives at the Boot Camp week, right through to when they complete their three month goal!

These blogs will include advice on the three main elements we at Reboot Fitness Boot Camp feel are instrumental when embarking on healthy lifestyle changes. This includes the physical, psychological and nutritional aspects of healthy living and, as you will find as the blogs progress, each of these complement each other. You will also receive weekly training plans that you can follow at home, along with healthy recipes to try out yourself.

Now, if you want to get all this information condensed into a week at our Fitness Boot Camp, then it will cost you between £495 – £1195 and here is our website Reboot Fitness Boot Camp.

However, I am going to divulge all our Boot Camp information via this Blog, over the coming months, FOR FREE. In return, all I politely ask is that you share this link on any, or all, of the social media channels you use.

So let’s get the first installment out to you now – I’m going to call it ‘Small Changes Maintained = Lasting Results’.

Everyone wants instantaneous results!!!

Here is the introduction that I give to our Boot Camp clients at Reboot …

This week we are going to do too much … too much healthy eating, too much exercise and far too much positive thinking. Let me explain … if you try to replicate everything we do at our Fitness Boot Camp when you get home, but only manage to last a few days, chances are that you will give up on everything because you find it such a daunting prospect. It’s very hard to spend the rest of your life training five days a week, eating healthily and trying to remain positive about everything.

However, if you don’t eat breakfast prior to attending the Boot Camp, and then commit to kick-starting your day with a healthy breakfast and manage to maintain this habit, it will have a profound impact on your life. Likewise if you leave Boot Camp having not trained for several years and then try to incorporate several training sessions every day, or even five per week, and this only lasts a month or two, you will probably stop again and give up. Everything you did during your Boot Camp week will be a small blip on the radar with no lasting healthy impression on your life. However, if you get home from Reboot Fitness Boot Camp having not trained for several years, then commit to one or two training sessions each week and manage to maintain this for the remaining time you have left on this planet, it will have a profound positive impact on your life overall.

I have yet to meet a human being that, once they begin to experience the benefits of healthier living, do not increase the amount of exercise or decrease the amount of junk they put into their bodies.

Remember this, give yourself a break and don’t try to achieve everything yesterday. Look at the big picture and for me the big picture is not where I am tomorrow, the end of the week or even after my three month goal is complete, but rather how active and healthy am I with my children’s children.

So there you have it, the first installment.

My next Fitness Boot Camp blog will look at Assessments and explain why you haven’t achieved the results you deserve.

Here is a testimonial we received from a previous client who attended one of our Fitness Boot Camps.

“Reboot is for absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter if you already exercise but feel stuck in a rut or if you just can’t get it together to start exercising in the first place – like me! Stop thinking about it and just do it. This has been a truly wonderful experience. I cannot thank Mark, Neil and Bev enough for all their support and motivation throughout the week. They are all absolutely fabulous, approachable, non-judgemental and supportive.” Caroline Dowse

Click HERE to see more testimonials and please, please, please get sharing.

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Faster at Boot Camp

Speed Boot Camp Training

Before I start it is important to remember that each aspect of training (endurance, strength, flexibility & speed) is as important as the other, as each complements the others. At Boot Camp clients are informed that you need to work on the areas of training that you find more difficult. It is human nature to do the things we are good at; this raises the problem that the body adapts to the repetition of training the same way.

The best way I can explain it is if you regularly attend a Body Pump class you may find that the first time you find it difficult to lift a relatively easy weight and within several sessions the weight on your bar has doubled. Several months or years down the road however you are still lifting the same weights and no longer seem to be improving your performance. Remember … variety is not only the spice of life but also the key to improving performance.

Fitness Boot Camp Hill Sprint session x 12


We are going to look at Fitness Boot Camp fartlek training; this is a Swedish word meaning speed play. It involves training at a high intensity for short periods of time that require the body to work the muscles in an anaerobic (without oxygen) capacity. When we work at these high intensities our muscles produce several metabolic by-products, one of these by-products is lactic acid. Years ago it was believed that lactic acid was detrimental to training as it causes our muscles to fatigue early and our performance to decrease. It is now widely acknowledged that lactic acid plays several important roles within the body.

Firstly, it acts as a safety mechanism that prevents us from pushing our bodies beyond their limits. When our muscles produce lactic acid it causes a burning sensation in the muscles that can become very unpleasant and makes us reduce our training intensity. If we continue to work at these increased intensities the lactic acid can build up so much that it enters the stomach and causes us to vomit.

Secondly, it plays an important role in developing our boyd’s Boot Camp training systems and improving our overall performance. Lactic acid in the presence of oxygen will turn into a substance called pyruvic acid which will turn into energy. As energy is the currency the body requires to perform movement and exercises it is paramount to performance that we develop our lactate system.


track & field session at fitness bootcamp dorset


So how can we carry out a fartlek training session?  Let’s begin by looking at how the professionals develop their training.  For this we will look at Paula Radcliffe; as a long distance runner she will carry out sprint sessions on a track that will involve a 400m track.  After a fitness boot camp warm-up and stretch she will carry out various sprints over differing distances with relevant recoveries in between each sprint. A typical sprint session on a track would involve 2 x 400m sprints with 400m recoveries, 4 x 200m sprints with 200m recoveries in between and 8 x 100m sprints with 100m recoveries in between. During the sprints her muscles produce lactic acid and when she enters a recovery period her breathing rate and depth increases to feed the muscles with fresh oxygenated blood. She continues to repeat this process throughout the session enabling her body to become more efficient at dealing with the lactic acid and turning it into energy. Paula Radcliffe is so accustomed to this type of training that when she competes it seems like she is sprinting a marathon. Her body is continually producing lactic acid and rapidly turning it into energy to produce more lactic acid and so on.

I am not suggesting that you all need to go to a running track tomorrow unless you are training for a 5km race or further distance. Most classes that you attend at your gym involve this type of training. You just need to make sure that the classes you do attend adjust the type of exercises, intensities and time durations you train for, week in week out. Whether you attend a Fitness Boot Camp, spin, circuit, step, boxing, pump or aerobics class it needs to be varied to avoid the body becoming stale.

Boot camp running

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Fitness Boot Camp Training Advice – Effective Training

Effective Boot Camp training advice!

How do you know if your Boot Camp training is effective?

When did you start training?

How long does it take you to run a mile?

How many press-ups can you achieve?

What weight can you bench press, squat and shoulder press?

How far can you run in an hour?

Fitness Boot Camp Training

Fitness Boot Camp Training

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself at the gym, not ‘how many calories have I burned’, ‘how many inches have I lost’ or ‘what dress size will I be’?

When you assess your ability and set physically challenging goals to achieve them, you start to see real results. During the Reboot Dorset Fitness Bootcamps we educate our clients with the information they need to continue the journey at home.  There are three energy systems the body uses and by understanding how they work you can incorporate suitable challenges.

I am not saying you won’t lose any weight, you will. Its just that focusing on the weight loss does not give direction about what training is required. You simply walk around the gym aimlessly spending 10-20 minutes on several pieces of cardio equipment before lifting random weights around the gym.

Understand how your body works and train to improve your endurance, strength and speed.  Each session should specifically focus on only one energy system as a rule of thumb.

I hope this is helpful and you enjoy more productive Boot Camp training sessions.

For more information about Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp UK check out our website.

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Speed Session at Reboot Fitness Boot Camp UK

Boot Camp speed sessions train the body anaerobically (without oxygen) and the optimum time is 40-60 secs at the start, decreasing to 8-12 secs in the latter part of the training session.

At our fitness bootcamp there are several sessions throughout the week that utilise this energy system but for this blog we are going to look at extreme rowing.

extreme rowing at Reboot fitness boootcamp on sheep shit hill


We begin by warming the boot camp group up by carrying the row machines to the top of Colmers Hill (AKA Sheep Shit Hill). Once at the top we get each client to work at a high intensity 80%+ within the aforementioned times scales, 40-60 seconds.  This usually equates to between 300-500 metres on the Concept 2 rower depending on fitness ability. At our fitness boot camp the client then recovers while the next Rebooter takes their turn and repeats this process 8-12 times.

Extreme rowing at Reboot fitness bootcamp

P-Diddy Extreme Rowing

Lactic acid is produced by overload of a muscle group and prevents the athlete from pushing too far. In the presence of oxygen lactic acid becomes pyruvic acid, which is a substance produced in the latter stages of the Krebs Cycle. The Krebbs Cycle is how the body turns glucose into energy (ATP).

With this in mind if our bodies produce lactic acid and introduce oxygen by lowering the levels of intensity, with training the body can use this lactic acid to produce energy, this energy can produce more lactic acid and so on.

So I know you won’t have the beautiful Reboot fitness boot camp UK views we have at our fitness boot camp but you will definitely be able to replicate this in the gym.

I hope this has been helpful … happy training!

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The Great Big Gym Conspiracy!

Fitness BootCamp UK

Boot Camp Fitness Conspiracy

Fitness Boot Camp Conspiracy

I have had experience working in many different types of gyms, from within the military through to civilian private health clubs, public health clubs, leisure centres and fitness boot camps.

There seems to be various areas of importance depending on the type of establishment you attend. I found that the best results were attained within the military gymnasiums. I spent some time at Worthy Down Training Camp in Winchester and the main focus of importance was results, ie specified goals, linked with appropriate assessments and training, with realistic timelines to enable the individual to develop and improve gradually and incrementally. The instructional content was not designed as a feel good factor for the clients – it was there to achieve a set outcome.

When I left the Army in 2002 I went straight into the private sector, teaching various boot camp group exercise classes and developing training programmes. Time and time again I meet people who want to turn up to sessions and get away with as little as they can but expect to see results. They have the mentality that attending a training session reflects accomplishment, rather than working hard to achieve results. I believe this is down to both instructional expertise and the general gym ethos.

I have also worked as a Gym Manager within several private health clubs and found it was all about sales, ie new memberships, maximising profit, personal training or the new fad health supplement that the club had signed up to. Little, if any focus, was placed on increasing the clients’ physical ability or aiding their clients to achieve goals.

A typical gym with around 20 running machines, swimming pool and say 20-30 weight training stations requires between 4,000-8,000 members, paying regular membership, to cover costs. Yet they only have enough equipment for around 100 clients to use the establishment at any one time.

When you sign up to a gym the instructor may take you around the gym, advising you to spend around 10 minutes on two or three various types of cardiovascular equipment like the stepper, x-trainer and rower, then suggests you use half a dozen weight machines before relaxing in the pool or sauna. The first time you leave the gym feeling great then after several visits find the routine quite easy.

You weigh yourself several months later with little or no change whatsoever. The lack of results and momentum may mean that you use your gym once a month, if at all, but continue to pay your monthly membership. Obviously this is great for the gym but not so good for the client who has never set or achieved a physical goal and may actually have put weight on.

I have yet to meet an establishment that runs proper physical assessments on their clients, for example a timed run, 1 x repetition maximum, best effort Boot Camp sit-ups or Boot Camp press-ups. This means that clients have no idea of their current fitness levels or how they have improved

I know it all sounds very negative but there is light at the end of the tunnel. By following a proper training schedule, whether strength, endurance, speed or a combination of all three, you can begin to train efficiently with training sessions that work for you. At one particular council owned gym that I worked for I was informed that clients did not want to get fit, they just wanted to turn up to make themselves feel better. If this is how health clubs and leisure centres are setting their standards then the levels of obesity and health related diseases are only going to continue to rise.

I now run my own residential fitness boot camp company that focuses on educating individuals in how to adopt the same training techniques used by athletes around the world!

Check out my previous Boot Camp Blogs to see how you can train more effectively!

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The Beginner’s Boot Camp Program For 8 Weeks

boot camp training

In this article you will read about a boot camp training plan that will lead you to a point where you are able to run 2 miles (which is about 30 minutes) at a slow and relaxed speed. It is a very simple program which can be adopted by anyone.  This training program can be at a day fitness boot camp or a residential boot camp.

Once you have achieved the goal of running 2 miles then it is up to you to select your next goal. You can either continue your running of 2 miles and decrease the time it takes, or you can increase your running distance. According to research, a regular non-stop run of 2 miles helps to reduce or maintain your weight and help your heart.  It also keeps the level of cholesterol, insulin response and blood pressure to within a normal range.

If you are above 40 years of age or you are 20 pounds overweight then you should consult your physician before undertaking a training programme. Most of the times, doctors encourage people to have a training program but sometimes people have a health risk which may prevent them from starting it. So it is always advised to consult with physician before starting a fitness program.

Prepare a fitness boot camp timetable for yourself in which you have enough time for the training.  You need to dedicate a proper fixed time for the workout. Prepare a solid timetable and stick to it. Once you have started following it, try not to change it so that it becomes part of your routine.

Don’t rush onto the next level. Your objective for this boot camp training is to start running for 30 minutes and not to set any world records. So stay focused to that task at hand.

Don’t feel bad about the bad days. Everyone experiences them but this doesn’t mean that they will last forever. Bad days come quickly and they also leave quickly. So stay focused on the target and don’t get distracted by the performance of an individual day. Once the bad days are over, you will see improved performance.  This happens with people all the time so don’t worry.

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Effective Long Run Training In The Eyes Of Running Experts

Boot camp running

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to running or you have considerable experience in running, you will probably agree that learning how to run properly is the key to any successful running training program.  You may have questions like when should I schedule the long runs, how to pursue those long runs and what is the best way for recovering from training.

I’ve included below some tips from runners which may help you in your quest to be a long distance runner:

Tip number 1

According to Patrick MacCrann don’t think about the long run itself: focus instead on simply getting ready for a run and the rest will follow.

Tip number 2

Ed Eyestone recommends that you slow down your long runs.  If you are looking for a faster long run then you will probably last 1 hour.  Marathoners must have the stamina to run for around three hours. Any run longer than three hours may have negative effects on your health.   According to Ed Eyestone the stamina, for runs longer than three hours, should be saved for race day. When you are training for marathon you should train for up to  two and half hours and it should not exceed time limit of three hours.

Tip number 3

Jenny Hadfield said ‘sugar is not your friend’.  All sports drinks and other products which can be used for fuelling your energy (such as gels, Clif Shot Bloks and beans) were invented with the sole purpose of replenishing the energy lost during the run.

Our body can take energy in the form of sugar and when the amount of sugar goes over a certain level, it causes nausea and stomach upsets. The main idea behind all these energy boosting drinks is not to increase the energy but to replenish the energy which is lost by running.

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Effective Tips To Prevent Injuries And Increase Fitness With Running

boot camp excercise

Running is one of the most effective training regimes among the various available options for increasing fitness. An effective running program can help shed more weight than any other workout schedules. It helps increase the strength, adaptability, immunity levels of the body and makes you look a lot younger. Though it is one of the most effective fitness regimes, it is not the safest one and is prone to a lot of discomforts and injuries. Most of the fitness programs suggest following clear precautions before getting on to the running regime for an injury free training. One can get the advantage of learning the right techniques of running through the fitness boot camps organised during the weekends and holidays.

The boot camps organised by the professional athletes help in understanding the right things needed to be done for a long term running regime without injuries. These programs help you choose the right shoes that are perfect and suitable for your foot size and body structure. They will also be training you on the right start up or warm up exercises before going on intense running schedule. This helps in warming up the muscles and enables you to gain pace while running. The warm up program might consist of couple of minutes of jogging, light stretching exercises and deep breaths.

While on a running track, deciding the pace at which you would run is the key to long term action. It is very essential to pick up the pace gradually, rather than sprinting at one go and getting exhausted with increasing chances of injuries. One can choose to run at a conversational pace and gradually build on it for your muscles to gain strength and adaptability. People who would have trained at the weekend boot camp or the fitness boot camp would have learned the right art of gradually building on the pace. Athletes looking to participate in marathons should look at adding larger miles to the race and build on it stay fitter for loner races and also injury free.

One needs to be patient enough and give the training process the required time. Most often runners get exposed to injuries, because they are not patient enough to build on the pace gradually or do not provide adequate rest to the body muscles. If an individual comes across any injuries while running, then it is very important to space the training program and reschedule the same after the much required rest and recovery process.

Consulting the coach at the boot camp can help understand the actual need for the recovery process and work on alternative general strength and mobility regime to get back on track. There are many weekend boot camps conducted in and around London that one can take great advantage of and learn the perfect match of boot camp diet and workouts.

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Distance Running Through Fitness Boot Camp

distance running boot camp

Being able to save energy during the last leg of your long distance running program and complete the run is very important for an athlete. Improving the lung power and having proper conditioning is the key to success in distance running. It is practically impossible for anyone to run long distances each day to keep up with their desired pace, so it becomes vital to have the right exercise training program that helps keep the body in peak running condition.

Working to build strength with exercises, adequate rest and recovery time is essential for a long distance runner. You can learn how to get the right balance of running, workouts, diet and rest by participating in a fitness boot camps organised by professional athletes.

The fitness boot camps focus on giving effective training on the following aspects of long distance running:

  • The boot camps help you train to run using less oxygen thereby enhancing your chances to complete the run.
  • Weight training regimes to enhance the upper body and lower body strengths leading to enhanced ability to stay fit during the run. Some of the strength exercises covered at boot camps are the free weights knee flexions, seated presses with free weights rear-lat pull downs, abdominal curls, etc., Taking the help of the coach in understanding the right strength exercises can work wonders in your long distance running.
  • Scheduling your long run along with the strength workout regimes is essential. Gradually increasing the distance by 10 to 20% each week can help gain a lot of strength.
  • The fitness boot camp will train you to work on a goal specific running program by providing training on long slow run, interval training, tempo runs, hill training and weight training exercises to enhance strength gradually.

The fitness boot camp would help in increasing the mileage of your long distance running.  One would also learn how to prevent injuries, undergo recovery processes in case of injuries and gain strength back to get on track.

It is essential to be patient with the process and give enough time for your body to adapt to the training regime to get the maximum benefit. By participating in a weekend boot camp one can enhance the physical strength to a different level.

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Best Treadmill Workouts

boot camp uk

Winter season ceases all outdoor workouts. In cold weather, boot camp workout of special athlete’s advice reliable treadmill workouts to keep you accelerated in the whole winter. Cold weather outdoor work out injuries can become worst if one is not careful. Although running at one place can become really boring. But if deal this with a creative mind, you can spice up this convenient exercise option into fun.

Mostly in a fitness boot camp, they apply some treadmill workouts mentioned below. These workouts enable you to become a tough and fast runner. When executing these workouts on daily routine, keep two points in mind:

(1) Not more than two workouts should be done in a week.

(2) Keep the treadmill’s elevation set at 1 degree. This is done in order to compensate for the lack of air resistance that a person faces while running outdoor.

The workouts mentioned below do not take more than an hour so it is quite easy to adjust them in your daily schedule.

1: Speed

Run at least for 3 minutes at a slow and steady pace. After three minutes, increase the treadmill speed to about 20 miles per second than your recent pace. Run for 3 minutes and then rest yourself for further 3 minutes by jogging slowly. This process should be repeated three times. After that, cool down yourself by running 5 minutes easily.

2: Patterned advance

Take a start by warming up yourself for 10 minutes. After that, increase your treadmill speed to about 15 miles per second than your recent best pace. Your workout speed should last for 5 minutes. Wrap up your workout by running easily for 10 to 20 minutes in order to cool down yourself. Carry on this work out for 10 weeks by increasing your workout time by 1 minute per week.

3: Handling Hills

Warm up yourself for 10 minutes and then set the treadmill speed to your approximate marathon pace. Note that if you have never run a marathon, set the treadmill by estimating your marathon time, which is done by multiplying your typical 10 kilometer time by 4.65.

Run for two minutes with the treadmill elevated at an angle of 1 degree. After that, Run further for 2 minutes by setting the incline up to 2 degrees. Set the incline again at 1 degree for 2 minutes and then climb the incline to 3 degrees for 2 minutes further. Continue this sequence by raising the degree of inclination and returning it back to 1 degree after each rise until you reach inclination of 7 degrees.

Carry out this workout for several more times in order to reach the point at which handling hills become a piece of cake for you. Wrap up your workout by running easily 10-20 minutes.

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Effective Fitness Boot Camp Training!

Fitness Boot Camp Training

Fitness BootCamp UK Goal Setting

Fitness BootCamp UK Goal Setting

Over the next week I am going to give you all of my best training tips to make your exercise sessions the most effective, for enhancing weight loss BootCamp for the time spent.

It is widely agreed throughout society that performance outcomes in education, through to workplace, can be enhanced by well structured goal setting. This has been an area of investigation for centuries and great advancements have been made in the last few decades, specifically in the sporting arena. Two most prominent figures that have carried out research in this area are Dr Edwin Locke and Dr Gary Latham. They have enhanced the practical usefulness of goal setting by the development of their SMART goal setting theory. This can specifically be linked to many aspects of your life but for the purpose of this article we will focus specifically on  Fitness Boot Camp Training.

SMART stands for the five main areas that require focus when developing a specific goal linked to your training.

SPECIFIC – Your training goal should be specific. It is no good saying to yourself that you are going to run and leave it at that. You may have specified what type of exercise you intend to carry out but you have not clearly identified how far, or how quickly, you intend on completing that distance.

MEASURABLE – We are already half way there with this one as we know the distance is 10 kilometres or 6.214 miles. Now we need to decide what sort of time we want to complete the run in. This is dependant on your age, gender, current ability and amount of time you wish to devote to achieving your goal. We will discuss this further when we get to R (Realistic).

AGREED – Not only do you need to be in total agreement with the goals that you have set, you also need to be sure that you believe that they are suitable and achievable.

REALISTIC – I recently read an article where the author described goals being similar to an elastic band, ie your goal needs to stretch your ability but not break you physically or mentally. With this in mind, if you are between 17 and 28 years old and already have a personal best (PB) then there is no reason for you not wanting to set a new PB. If, however, you ran a 10 km race when you were a teenager, competing at county level and you set a PB of 39.33 minutes but have not ran for 30 years since, the chances are that you will never achieve that sort of time in the next three months. This can be decided after the first month of training if you are getting into running for the first time, or have not trained for a while.

TIMED – This is multi faceted in that your goal needs to have specific time line parameters as to when you intend on starting your training, how long it is before you expect to achieve your goal and, as mentioned before, the more specific time restraints you have put on your goal, such as performance time.

These are the five main components that require attention when setting your training goals, although these are not exhaustive. There have been several other elements to goal setting that sport coaches and psychologists have highlighted. It is important to adopt a series of goals that are not only outcome goals, like suggested above, but also process and performance goals.  Process goals focus on the technique and could include breathing or gait for running.  Performance goals are similar to outcome goals but are cut down into smaller manageable chunks like completing a 12 x hill reps in a session or to beat your previous 1.5 mile best effort.

Gould et al suggested a staircase strategy where the bottom step represents your current ability and the top step represents your outcome goal. The series of steps in between represent a series of goals you have set that are progressively taking you from your current ability to your outcome goal. Other advice that has been offered to enhance the effectiveness of your goals includes writing them down and continually monitoring and evaluating them.

As you can see from the title, the purpose of this article is to get the most out of your training sessions and this is where it all comes together. Whenever you start a training session, whether it be a spin class, weight training session, swim or run, you need to maintain your focus on your set goals and give every inch of effort in that training session. You will find that you begin to drive yourself harder as you have a reason for training with measurable outcomes determined by the amount of effort expelled.

I hope this has been helpful!

Reboot Fitness Boot Camp aims to help you take control of your own Fitness Training, during our Weight Loss Boot Camps you will surpass all expectations!

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Fitness Boot Camp – Effective Spinning!

Fitness Boot Camp UK

Effective Spinning Advice From Reboot Fitness Boot Camp

Effective Spinning Advice From Reboot Fitness Boot Camp Holiday UK

Effective Spinning Advice

In this Fitness BootCamp Blog I am going to give a few useful tips on how to get the most from your Spin Class. I have been teaching Spin for about 10 years and vary the type of classes I teach each week. I am going to look at the importance of bike set-up, identifying the correct cycling technique and then finish by discussing the consequence of increased effort.

The bike set-up is of upmost importance in obtaining the most optimum performance from the desired muscle groups. The first thing to look at is the saddle height; this can be measured by standing beside the bike and adjusting the saddle to the same height as the top of your hip bone. The distance between the front of the saddle and the handle bars should be the same length as the distance between your elbow and the tip of your fingers. The handle bar height will depend on the type of bike you use outside. If you use a road bike then the handle bars should be lower than the saddle ensuring comfort is maintained. If you have a mountain bike, or if you do not use another bike, then a more upright position can be adopted. Once this has been completed get onto the bike and place your feet into the pedals ensuring the ball of your foot is directly above the centre of the pedal. The bike set-up can be checked by pedalling and making sure your bottom remains central on the saddle at all times.

Cycling technique is very important for several reasons – to effectively distribute workload between larger muscle groups, relax unused muscles and gain optimum performance. When seated or standing all muscles from your head through to the finger tips should remain relaxed. A better position can be adopted when seated by dropping the chest lower to the bike and moving the pelvis deeper into the saddle; this will engage the larger muscles in the buttocks so it is better to adopt this position on hills. When standing on the bike 80% of the weight should remain on the legs with a maximum 20% of the weight supported by the arms. As we push the pedals round both legs should be simultaneously working the opposing muscles in each leg. When the right leg pushes the pedal down the left leg is pulling the pedal up and vice versa. When the left leg reaches the top it drives the toes forward through the toe clips; the right leg reaches the bottom and drags the pedal to the rear. When carried out correctly both legs should be continually working and a floating sensation of your feet can be experienced inside your trainers. The heel of the foot should be parallel with the pedal when pushing down and the heel slightly above the pedal when pulling up through the rear.

Once your bike has been set-up correctly and you have perfected your technique the only thing that can let you down is the amount of effort you put in. I always gauge effort using % and I would suggest that it is impossible to give 100%. I believe that 100% effort is equivalent to a malnourished person in Ethiopia walking 15 miles with a 2 stone jug of water on their head until they die, 90% effort is comparable to an elite athlete that pushes as hard as they can to break a world record, 80% effort is the hard core gym fanatics that push harder every session to give everything they can. It is quite obvious where I go from here and I can guarantee there will be people that attend spinning sessions that give less than 50% of the maximum effort. Now whatever the amount of effort you give is fine, just as long as you know that whatever effort you put into it you will walk away with you. Once you have assessed your actual potential you can focus on pushing a bit harder and getting closer to your true potential. When we train we don’t get fitter we break the body down and the bodies reaction it to come back fitter and stronger after recovery.

A couple of things to look out for as key pointers to suggest you giving your true potential:

Increased heart rate


Uncomfortable heavy sensation in the legs (lactic acid)

Increased breathing rate

Elated feeling at end of session

Muscle aches for several days after

Boot Camp Weight Loss

I hope this Blog has been helpful and hope you take it on board and push it a little harder when next at your spinning class!!!

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Born to Run!

Fitness Boot Camp UK


Fitness Boot Camp - Born To Run

Fitness BootCamp Run Training Advice

Born To Run

Throughout this Boot Camp Blog we are going to look how to put together a varied run training programme to add variety to your sessions and also get the best performance from your training.

I have met so many clients that use running as their main form of exercise and the reasons are quite simple:

. It is a very cheap form of exercise as all you need is a pair of trainers.
. You can run anywhere whether you are on holiday abroad or away on business.
. It is very easy to assess your progress.
. It is very sociable as you can do it with your family, friends or even the dog.

I am a great believer that running is the best form of exercise and let me explain why:

Most people exercise to lose weight and decrease their percentage of body fat. Most forms of exercise like cycling, cross trainer, rowing machine and swimming keep the body moving in a smooth range of movements. However, when we run the body goes through jerky up jumpy motions where the fat in the thighs and arms are bouncing around and slapping against other parts of the body. These sporadic motions help to break the fat down into a more usable ingredient that can be mixed with carbohydrates and disseminated from the body.

The most popular running session is the endurance run when an individual will start running at a moderate pace that can be maintained for between 20 – 90 minutes. Their heart rate rises gradually at the start of their run, remains at the same level for the duration of the session, then slowly decreases at the end of the run. This is a great session as it increases your body’s mitochondria. Oh no – big word, the Mitochondria are simply the cooking pots in the body responsible for producing energy. So if you increase your body’s efficiency of producing energy you can produce a higher performance output at the same given work rate or heart rate.

The training sessions that are less popular are the shorter faster training sessions that are more explosive and exertive. They have many different names such as lactate threshold, sprint session, lactate tolerance or fartlek. Fartlek is a Swedish word for speed play and describes these sessions very well. A typical session could be held at a 400m running track. It would involve sprinting around the track once and then walking around as a recovery.

This generates high levels of lactic acid in the legs – lactic acid is the substance that causes the burning sensation you feel in your muscles when you work anaerobically (without oxygen or very hard). In the late 1860’s to early 1980’s most athletes and coaches alike cursed lactic acid as they thought it was a counterproductive substance that caused them to slow down or stop.

Over the last few decades however there has been much research carried out that confirms the important role lactic acid plays. Firstly, it is a safety mechanism that causes us to slow down when we work beyond our capabilities to prevent us from killing ourselves. Most importantly we have learned that in the presence of oxygen it can help to regenerate into energy.

If we rewind a few steps I explained that on the running track (as we do at reboot fitness boot camp) if we run around it as fast as we can it will build up high levels of lactate; we then walk around the track to recover. As we walk around our breathing rate will have increased therefore taking on more oxygen and lactic acid in the presence of oxygen, which will turn into energy.

The other thing that is quite apparent is that our bodies will adapt to their surroundings. If we sit at a desk all day and eat pies and chocky bars we will get fat. However, if we demand high levels of lactate and then recover on a regular basis our bodies will adapt and become efficient at doing so.

A typical track session would include 400 metres x 2 with a 400 metres rest in between, 200 metres x 4 with a 200 metres rest in between and 100 metres x 8 with a 100 metres rest in between. The first time we do this session our bodies will find it difficult to recover in between sets and, depending on your fitness levels, you may need to cut the session down into 400m x 1, 200m x 2 and 100m x 4. As you get fitter you will be able to increase the amount you do.

This is the type of training session that will bring down your 10km, half marathon or marathon time. If you only run 10 km and one day try to increase your speed your body will start to produce higher levels of lactate and not be able to deal with it effectively. If, however, you teach your body to cope with much higher levels of lactate during sprint sessions then when you slightly increase these levels in your endurance run your body knows what to do.

Last week we saw athletes run the great North Run at a sprint pace and manage to maintain it over 13.1 miles. The reason for this is that they have carried out so many fartlek type training sessions that their bodies can produce lactate efficiently, ie use oxygen to turn lactate into energy and then use that energy to produce more lactate and so on and so on. Like I said, this won’t happen overnight your body needs to learn to adapt through training.

So why don’t you give it a go and instead of just running the same old route mix it up a bit and put a sprint training session into your schedule. Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp!


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Cross Training Boot Camp

Fitness BootCamp UK

cross training boot camp

Cross training can be termed to any sport or exercise that completes or enhances your main sport. This article focuses on running, the main sport mentioned above. You can benefit from cross training boot camp irrespective of the experience you have in running. Some of the reasons to benefit from cross training are mentioned below.

Balancing muscle groups

It is not necessary that all of your muscles get worked out while running. This causes imbalance between your muscles strength. A cross training Fitness BootCamp or cross training boot camp holidays offer many Cross training programs. These cross training programs enable you to focus on those specific muscles that are not well functioned during your running, for example your inner thighs, which can be much debile than your running muscles.

No need to discontinue your training due to injury

It is for sure annoying when your doctor advices you to take rest or temporary quit running due to some injury. However, cross training can run parallel to your injury period. Injured runners can maintain their fitness irrespective of their injury and hence, their frustration and disappointment of getting injured fade away.

Some types of cross training boot camp exercises

Cross Training Boot Camp – Water training:

The coach of any Fitness Boot Camp prefers water training for any kind of running injury. Water training is a sport that imitates land running and provides cross training for injured runners. It is actually a non impact form of running which is usually done in a pool.It requires no swimming skills or floatation aids and therefore, a runner manages to maintain his fitness during his injury period.

Cross Training Boot Camp – Elliptical machine:

This machine allows the user to have his whole body cardiovascular workout. The muscles used in this machine are actually similar to those used while running. Thus, this low impact alternative can surely assist you during your injury period.

Cross Training Boot Camp – Walking

It is possible that a specific injury may not prevent you for a walk or speed walk. Thus, walking pain free is a good exercise to maintain your fitness during injury period.

Cross Training Boot Camp – Rowing:

Rowing is a first class low impact alternative that strengthens your buttocks, hips and the upper body. You should learn proper rowing techniques in order to maximize the required outputs from this activity and avoid injury.

Cross Training Boot Camp – Yoga:

Yoga actually makes use your body weight to strengthen your muscles. it is observed that many runners find yoga relaxing after long running.

Cross Training Boot Camp – Cross-Country Skiing: 

Cross-Country Skiing allows you to focus on the same muscle groups which are used while running. It enhances your flexibility, as a lot of stretching is required while skiing. Hence, Cross-Country Skiing proves to be a good alternative for injured runners attending Fitness Boot Camps UK.

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An Effective Boot Camp Run Training Program

Fitness Boot Camp Holiday UK

boot camp running

Fitness Boot Camp Holiday

A boot camp running training program should be started by any boot camp with a challenge. Most effective boot camp training programs usually last for 20 weeks. This will enable you to build up and attain high level of stress on the body and be 100% ready to win any kind of particular race.A run training boot camp holiday offer this kind of long-term program comprises of number of phases. Each phase is made so to enhance your physiology and enables you to enter next advance phase. It also includes number of small races for motivation and assessment both.

Boot Camp Run Training Program – Phases

Usually this program consists of following phases:

Boot Camp Run Training Program – Base phase 

This phase enables your muscles for running and a strong base for aerobic fitness, before commencing strenuous speed training.
Boot Camp Run Training Program – Build phase

This is main high intensity work out training phase of the program, before stepping on the road towards destination.
Boot Camp Run Training Program – Preparation phase 

Utilizing the strong base of aerobic and high intensity work, you enter into speed building phase. Work load on trainee reduces little bit now.

Boot Camp Run Training Program Taper Phase

This phase starts 1-2 weeks before the race. Your coach in boot camp workout prepare yourself for the length of the race by giving short but sharp sessions with plenty of recovery tips just before the race day.
Boot Camp Run Training Program Recovery phase 

This low intensity short phase enables you to recover back from the race finished to a new race. Building your volume back from any injury or tire out muscles is immensely important to do as soon as possible.


Types of Boot Camp Run Training Program work out:-

A boot camp work out offers following types of workouts:

Boot Camp Run Training Program – LONG RUN 

A slower aerobic long run helps in building up the cardiovascular endurance and increases the blood flow towards muscles.
Boot Camp Run Training Program TEMPO RUNS 

A high tempo run for 5-8 km helps in building muscular endurance.

Boot Camp Run Training Program HILL RUNS

This kind of run helps improving the strength of particular muscle by varying the height and distance of the hill.

Boot Camp Run Training Program FARTLEK RUNS 

The one hour duration with speed intervals of 15-30 seconds to fewer minutes, are additional supporting runs to develop the speed.

Boot Camp Run Training Program EASY RUN 

It is 30-40 minutes run with comfortable pace, providing muscle recovery to experience runners.


Any UK boot camp advises its beginners to intermediate runners to run 3 times a week with 2 days rest between the sessions. In off days cross training like swimming, cycling or any other enjoyable aerobic activity, is beneficial

The key to your success is to be consistent and enjoy the competitive edge by joining a good training program.

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Top Ten Benefits Of Interval Training

interval training

Interval training is a physical training, preferred by many coaches of a boot camp. It is very effective in cardiovascular build up and is used in a boot camp workout to create better rounded runners and riders. Only once in a week training has a great effect on your health. Your body gets quicker, free from all the pains and slower heart rate with smooth and efficient intake of oxygen.

Interval training is applied in many boot camps due to its effectiveness and number of benefits.

  • Interval training can make your day fantastic. The short bursts of high activity not only produce the maximum endorphin’s but make them flow in your whole body to make you feel amazingly energetic for the whole day.
  • Interval training increases the ability of muscles to pull out 100% oxygen from the blood. This training increases the utilization of oxygen.
  • It is mostly a cardiovascular exercise. It makes your heart beat slower. Consistent interval training enables your heart to pump more blood on each beat and decrease your resting pulse to round about 48.
  • A Fitness boot camp uses this training to increase your lifetime fitness level. Consistent or overtime interval training increases the stroke volume and your heart starts functioning more efficiently.
  • Heart stroke volume is the amount of blood heart pump during the beat, more it pumps the blood; less is your heart beat, supplying more amount of blood to your tissues whole day long. Interval training increases your heart stroke volume, saving from many kinds of heart diseases and giving it a longer and healthier life.
  •  Interval training is more effective and more fun than regular old cardio exercise. Interval training gives you better results in short time and makes you faster. You enjoy and feel easier while performing regular cardio training.
  • Increased heart beat is the worst obstacle when you want to run fast or want to win the race. It increases your energy system. Coaches use interval training in a boot camp holidays to train people for anything and any kind of sport.
  • You become faster and stronger in swimming, cycling, hiking, and climbing because of perfect heart due to interval training.
  • The overtime interval training provides more medical benefits. It decreases the high blood pressure risk and decrease the cholesterol level. A fat boot camp apply this training for the benefits to lose fat fast, weight loss, fitness, look younger, healthy digestive system and good sleep.
  • Consistent interval training improves your immune system and you get safe from viruses like cold and flu.

Above information guide you to switch from your traditional cardio workout to only once a week interval training to achieve more benefits in less time.

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Get your First Training Right before Running

running boot camp

Running a marathon is easier said than done. There are several aspects to participating in one. It’s not just the stamina or practice. The more you get trained for the D day the better would be the result. The most important thing is to keep your spirits high all the while.

Never lose hope and keep your mind and body determined for the run. If you are a beginner then I would advise running three times in a week for three weeks continuously. But keep this in mind, you need to increase the distance run in the second week and decrease it below the first week’s level in the third set. This is to give your body some time to rest and prevent any possible injuries.

All this would be much easier if you take to Fitness boot camp workout sessions. If you lack time you can even think of joining a weekend boot camp just to learn the tricks of the session. These boot camp training’s are a combination of various activities that will keep you physically fit. It not only increases the cardiovascular health but also will boost your stamina and resistance for the run.

I would like to make a special mention here about the fat boot camps which are modified versions of army boot camps more inclined towards weight loss. A combination of boot camp work out with special boot camp diet helps in easy loss of weight in a very short time. It definitely does not involve crash diet or nothing that will harm your health.

You may even think of joining a residential boot camp or even an exclusive ladies boot camp to keep you morale high during the weight loss program. Engaging yourself in a group will keep you motivated constantly for achieving the goal. UK boot camps are popular hotspots for the fitness freaks. These are not just for the general public, the fitness plans are for everyone even for athletes. So joining even a boot camp in holidays would be equally beneficial.

For running a long distance it is crucial that you prepare your body using the run-walk method. This technique helps your body to adapt to the running conditions more easily. The exact time for each session that is the short walk and the short run again is based on individual body fitness levels.

If walking for a little longer gives you more strength to while running adapt to it, but remember do not get used to it as you may not always get that walking time. Luxury boot camps can help you in this regard. You can even arrange for a healthy and friendly run among the members of your group to analyze the changes you need to make.

Fitness boot camp in London is doing a commendable job in training individuals for various activities. Since such workout sessions involve various stuff like rope climbing, hill climbing, jumping, cycling up hill, crawling canals etc you are preparing body in more than one way for running a long track.

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Aid Your Running Capacity With Cardio And Cross

Boot camp running

Any physical workout be it gymming, running or aerobics involves at least one short session of cardio exercise. This is to increase the rate of metabolism and aid your workout regime. Running long distances as in a marathon requires continues input of energy and use of leg muscles for a very long time thus it is necessary to strengthen both your running and non-running muscles.

Fitness boot camps are the best in such training programs. As it involves techniques employed in an army boot camp, enrolling in such a program would inculcate both discipline and good health in the individual. Boot camp trainings are specially designed to provide both health benefits and increase the cardiovascular strength and stamina.

You need not go in search of boot camps, just have one in your own vicinity with residential boot camps all it requires is a trainer and neither sophisticated instruments nor electrical machines and thus is quite affordable. This kind of training program has also become popular among people on a higher weight scale. There are fat boot camps which combine boot camp workout regime and boot camp diet to bring out the best benefits with respect to healthy weight loss.

There are several advantages attributed to these fitness boot camps in London. They help you stay fit and also make the workout exciting and full of fun. In order to get toned for a run several cardio workouts like swimming, rowing, cycling etc can be chosen.

Swimming works both as a cardio regime and also helps in working up of muscles in the chest, back and arms. It in fact improves your running capability. Rowing on the other hand tones the muscles used during a run say the leg, gluts and the hip muscles. It is also a kind of upper body workout. Cycling, the most commonly employed one allows corroboration of hips and connective tissue around the knee region.

It is known to enhance functioning of the heart and lungs. You can either use a stagnant cycle as the one in your gym or go exploring with a real one out in the nature and this is what the boot camps for holiday sessions are filled with. Lot of excitement and exploration that provides enhanced health and also keeps you engaged.

Ladies boot camps as well as luxury boot camps are on a rise among the lot. These help in increasing your social network too. If you lack sufficient time in your daily routine go for weekend boot camp training and enjoy the accompanying benefits.

Runners should also do some cross training as it is believed to cause less injury during a race. Keep replacing your cardio workouts to make it less boring and monotonous.

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Get Trained for a Marathon Running

boot camp run

Though a marathon is a one day job, preparing for it can take some considerable amount of time. Just like baking a cake requires several ingredients like sugar, flour, baking powder, milk, egg etc and a proper combination of these with perfect baking can give you a delicious cake. Similarly getting trained for a marathon has several aspects to it.

A thorough training with a combination of tempo runs, interval running, hill climbing, long slow runs and some easy runs will make the upcoming marathon running pretty successful. One might even need to pay close attention to stamina building and cross training in the preparatory phase. Fitness boot camp training can be of great help here.

Boot camp workouts are a well designed fitness regime that picks up activities from typical army boot camps minus the strict environment. It is so designed to render all the health benefits of combined physical activities and at the same time make the workout session more interesting and playful.

It involves activities like running, yoga, hill climbing, military drills etc and since the body is made to stay under a physical stress under pressured time the benefits are multiplied. Fat boot camp is gaining popularity among the major population as it involves both boot camp workout and boot camp diet to easily control body weight.

People in today’s world have a lack of time for such activities and so fitness centers have come up with weekend boot camps or boot camp in holidays to cater to their needs. Residential boot camps are also on a rise as setting up one requires just some vacant place and a trainer.

Owing to the numerous advantage this kind of workout has people from the higher class in the society have opted for luxury boot camps. There are several ladies boot camps too around every corner of the street. Workout at UK boot camps provide several health advantages like increased heart health, decrease in body cholesterol, increased muscular strength etc.

In addition to boot camp training, one who is inclined to run a marathon should not neglect tapering- a procedure involving resting and preparing the body for a tough physical activity. It is necessary to have a few weeks of reduced running before a marathon to build up endurance, stamina and energy for the final day.

Weekend boot camp training can be an added advantage in your preparations. Boot camp training at London has several advantages to it. It not only builds your muscles stamina but also inculcates a disciplined routine in the runners. Such training’s increase the resistance of the body making it stronger with every passing day.

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