Boot Camp vs Juice Plus

Real Food No Plus Required

If I get one more bullshit call from a Juice Plus rep!!!
Boot Camp PlusJuice Plus please don’t be embarrassed about your product, tell me that you are a Juice Plus Rep from the get go, rather than dance around the subject, suggesting you have an amazing opportunity for me. Your product claims it contains the best parts of fruit and veg, please tell me the bad parts of fruit and veg that you throw away? How dare you try to guilt trip me into thinking I am wrong for withholding your pills from my clients. Juice Plus would sell their product in shops if they were confident in their products and therefore not withhold it from the masses. Whether you like it or not the Juice Plus company is a pyramid scheme. You can tell yourselves as much as you want that it isn’t but that will not make it true. You buy your food from a supermarket or farm shop not a convention.
My beliefs on healthy nutrition are simple, eat a wide variety of foods that sustain our bodies requirements. Eat regularly and ensure that the food you eat has not been fucked about with and processed into pills… that is our bodies job!!!
The earth has an amazing way of sustaining life naturally. Plants are grown that feeds animals and humans, animals and humans eat other animals and our bodies excrete waste, that fertilises the ground to produce more plants. Sorry there is nowhere that includes you altering this process to make millions of pounds. Yes you might but only if you fool enough other people into filling their garage/shed/loft with unwanted poison.
Oh and forever living you can suck off too x

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