Corporate Boot Camps

Corporate Boot Camp

Reboot Your Team At Our Fitness Boot Camp Retreat

The ‘REBOOT YOUR TEAM’ Corporate Boot Camp aims to enhance existing leadership skills through developing three main areas..

  1. Communication – Various tasks will assess listening skills, challenge the individual’s ability to understand direction, while building their confidence to prepare and deliver objectives enabling optimum execution.
  2. Resource Management – Missions will require the client to effectively utilise the materials available to maximize outcome results.
  3. Personal Development – Participants will need to dissect task orders appropriately and delegate elements according to team member’s strengths. This will require good self-management skills, while enhancing the ability to develop others.



To Re-Energise, Re-Juvenate, Re-Charge and Re-Focus your workforce, leaving them fitter, healthier and happier both physically and mentally.

The ‘REBOOT YOUR TEAM’ Fitness Boot Camp follows a unique military theme incorporating survival skills and navigational exercises, while physically and mentally challenging individuals beyond their perceived limits.  This will be done in a supportive and fun environment to encourage clients and maximise results.



Unlike other Boot Camps, REBOOT YOUR TEAM has been specifically designed to enhance existing leadership skills. It is not about shooting some clay pigeons or running around an inflatable ‘It’s a Knock Out’ course for a fun week away with your work mates. At ‘REBOOT YOUR TEAM‘ everything has been designed to empower the participants, leaving them totally REBOOTED and ready to enhance productivity.

The Reboot Team is made up of Mark Hooks (ex-Parachute Regiment and owner of Reboot with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry), Pete Heppell (ex-Royal Marines) and Neil Heritage (a double-amputee above-the-knee who has recently rowed the Atlantic with the Row2Recovery team).

For more information about our Corporate Boot Camp content or to book a meeting please complete the form to the right or contact Mark Hooks on 01202 313667.

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