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Why do you train?

What is the desired long-term outcome?

Who are you trying to impress?


These three questions are important to answer before undertaking any form of physical activity, as they will help you to develop an appropriate boot camp training schedule. This training schedule must prevent injury, help you to maintain a sustainable level of exercise and assist you in knowing when you have achieved your goal. These three questions are highlighted at our 5 day fitness boot camp prior to our clients setting any goals.


I am going to leave it up to you with regards to answering the three questions on a personal level, however here is my boot camp perspective. I have to be honest … it is only recently that I have been following this train of thought myself and putting it into practice.


The main reason I boot camp train is to improve my quality of life; I am not talking about financially, however this may come as a by-product due to your increased physical and mental ability. The focus for me is on ME personally – I am not interested in measuring myself against others. As soon as I use others as a benchmark I am only setting myself up for failure. There will always be someone stronger, faster and better no matter how hard I try. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy task and I am constantly reminding myself about this.


When I do manage to focus on measuring myself against myself here are the benefits:


  1. I ensure all boot camp exercises are carried out correctly and when I reach failure I accept it rather than compromising form for an extra repetition.
  2. I stay within my limits.
  3. I am more interested in reaching muscle fatigue via slow controlled movement of exercise with less weight than compromising my body by bouncing unachievable weights around the gym.
  4. Decrease in injury due to staying within my limits while controlling speed and range on movement.
  5. There is little or no psychological strain on myself when I follow a progressive and effective training plan, due to the fact that I am improving.


This brings us nicely onto the desired long-term outcome and for me that is easy … a happy life and increased longevity! That means decreased injury and illness and an increase in the number of years that I am able to run around with my children’s children’s children.


So then, who am I trying to impress, yes you got it… ME!!!


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