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I wrote several blogs in January 2017 and here is a quick description of each boot camp blog with a link to them.

My first blog I wrote asked these three questions –

1. Why do you train?
2. What is the desired long-term outcome?
3. Who are you trying to impress?

You can find the ‘Impress Yourselfboot camp blog here.

Then second fitness blog I wrote discusses the benefits of finding failure within the training environment.

You can find ‘Be A Boot Camp Failure’ blog here.

The third blog looks at the psychological side of boot camp training and performance. Within the article I offer several easy to understand strategies on how you can improve your performance by altering you existing thoughts.

You can find the ‘Go A Bit Boot Camp Mental’ blog here.

I then got asked by a magazine to write an article for existing gym owners. Within the article I suggest various benefits associated with gym owners running a residential fitness boot camp for their clients and staff.

You can read the ‘Boot Camp Your Gym’ blog here.

My fifth article looked at effective fitness assessments and goal setting. The boot camp blog looks at the detrimental effects of using weight loss as assessments and goals while offering suitable alternatives.

You can read the ‘ Phat Boot Camp Assessments & Goals’ blog here.

The last and most recent boot camp blog focused on flexibility. It looks at the physiological process your muscle goes through when stretching, explains how you can maintain or improve your joints range of movement and why you would even bother in the first place.

Check out ‘Be A Boot Camp Bender’ blog here.

We I hope you find these articles interesting and easy to understand. As with all my boot camp blogs I try to make them informative, educational and practical. I hope you have achieved all you aspired to achieve in January and are progressing into February with enthusiasm and vigor.

I also run a 5 Day Residential Fitness Boot Camp along the beautiful Dorset Coastline. For more information about Reboot Dorset, to book a place or even receive a free 7 day training plan please check out my boot camp website.

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