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21 – 25 August 2017 Fitness Boot Camp UK

This page is dedicated to the last fitness boot camp holiday that we ran. It includes a few of the photos taken during the boot camp week, the testimonials we received from the clients in attendance as well as the video we took and edited to remind the Rebooters what they did.

August Fitness Boot Camp 2017

Reboot does exactly what it promises!  Great instructors, location and food.  Challenging, varied exercises for all levels and a clear plan to take away.” Ken Brotherston


“Reboot is a challenging but fun week of full-on sessions.  Brilliant detox for the mind.  Instructors are all awesome, providing a hugely positive and motivational environment.  Highly recommended!” Louise King


“The week is non-stop but so well put together that it is possible to complete all the sessions.  Challenging physically but great fun.  Between the team there is in-depth expertise across exercise, nutrition, psychology.  All the instructors were outstanding.” Christine Brotherston


“A really great experience,  Buckle up for a unique ride of hills, teamwork, great food, power bags and presentations.  If you want a fresh start to your fitness and health regime then give it a go!” Lucy Gibling


August Fitness Boot Camp 2017“Reboot was one of the hardest but most rewarding weeks!  The instructors are really helpful and you meet a great group like minded people.” Sara Ayling


“Great instructors, Jane Austen-style accommodation, informative nutritional talks, a chance to make new friends and a diverse range of exercise – what more could you ask for?  Reboot was truly amazing and has taught me everything I need to know to live a long and healthy life.  Thank you Mark, Neil and Glyn.” Sarah Nurden


“A great, varied experience covering exercise, diet and a sustainable approach to fitness.  Adapted to push you and great fun!” John O’Donovan


“Reboot pushes you past your limits and reawakens the fearless child inside.  A must for all!” Zazza


“Hard work but happy to have been part of it!  I have so many nutrition and exercise tools to take away and help me on my journey to be fitter, stronger, leaner and happier.” Rebecca


August Fitness Boot Camp 2017“Reboot has been the most positive experience of the last two years!” Jon Cade


“A great experience, run by experts.  I’ve picked up loads of knowledge to make lasting changes.  Having previously experienced other boot camps I would recommend Reboot ahead of all the rest!” Anna Bennett


“The instructors are amazingly knowledgeable and experienced, motivated and motivating to us.  They worked us hard but taught us well and made sure we got it right.  The training sessions are interspersed with interactive talks on fitness, physiology, nutrition and motivation.  Food and snacks are tasty and inspiring.  Relaxation sessions are practical, without being “new age” crazy!” Dale Burden


“Amazing place to be.  I will never forget how Reboot has made me feel and given me a new lease of life.  And it was really good fun (yes I did say FUN).” Karen


During the boot camp video footage is collected during the week displaying some of the training sessions as well as the beautiful locations. It is a great motivational tool for clients when they return home and feel that they can’t complete a training session.


Here is the video from our last fitness boot camp holiday…



Well as you can see Reboot Dorset is more than just a boot camp, we aim to educate and empower all that attend with the knowledge and confidence to make positive, significant and lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

For more information about our Fitness Boot Camps or to book your place please call Mark directly on 07899 933084 or email Sue at

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