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10 – 14 July 2017 Fitness Boot Camp

This page is dedicated to the last fitness boot camp holiday that we ran. It includes a few of the photos taken during the boot camp week, the testimonials we received from the clients in attendance as well as the video we took and edited to remind the Rebooters what they did.


July Fitness Boot Camp 2017
“This was brilliant, even before I came!  The pre-camp programme was essential for me otherwise I would have struggled.  The instructors are excellent – they push you but it’s worth it.  Great variety of activities, fabulous food and a wonderful group of people to share all the pain and glory.  Highly recommended!” Sue Lowndes


“Reboot was one of the hardest, but best, weeks I have had.  The support of staff and fellow boot campers pushes you to achieve things you would not believe you could do!” Rose


“This was my second time at Reboot and it was just as amazing as the first time.  The whole programme is varied – you exercise every part of your body – it is hard but totally rewarding.  The food is first class.  I would 100% recommend Reboot to anyone.  You have to experience it to understand how good it is.  Thank you to the whole team – you are so inspiring and encouraging.” Paul Burrows


July Fitness Boot Camp 2017
“Reboot is just what the doctor ordered.  It’s given me the boost I was looking for!” Dee


“The best decision you will ever make for your mind, body and soul!  I can’t thank you all enough for all of your encouragement and inspiration throughout the week.  I can’t recommend Reboot enough!” Emma Mortimer


“Reboot is for everyone and I’d recommend it to all!” Harry Hickman


“Reboot is a revelation!  If, like me, you’ve tried every diet under the sun, lost weight then put it back on and lost motivation, then book Reboot now!  Don’t think about it, just do it!  It truly is life changing.  The instructors are amazing and motivate you all the way!” Sarah Knight


July Fitness Boot Camp 2017
“I hadn’t been to the gym for some time and needed some ‘me time’ from the rat race – Reboot provided this and more!” Michael Green


“Hard working and passionate instructors who will have you breaking physical and mental barriers.  It was an amazing experience – full of fun, adventure, sweat, tears and laughter.  I would recommend it to everyone.” Nadia Bairamis



“I was concerned about spending money on a boot camp – it was a toss up between that and a nice relaxing holiday.  After attending I can guarantee it’s the best investment you can make for mind and body.” Helen Preedy


July Fitness Boot Camp 2017


“If you want to challenge yourself in a supportive environment, then this is for you!  Exciting, challenging and inspiring.” Caroline Davies


“An experience for everyone – all shapes and sizes, all levels of fitness.  You couldn’t ask for a more supportive and positive experience.  Don’t be afraid!” Carol Morgan
“Amazing experience!” Anon
“Fantastic residential boot camp, with a great group and amazing coaches.  I did some fantastic exercises, I enjoyed both outdoor and indoor and there was no opportunity to be bored or even think about whether you could do it or not.  The motivational and nutrition talks were also very interesting and informative.  The food is extremely tasty and feasible to make at home.  Thank you Team Reboot!  Sarah Nichol


During the boot camp video footage is collected during the week displaying some of the training sessions as well as the beautiful locations. It is a great motivational tool for clients when they return home and feel that they can’t complete a training session.
Here is the video from our last fitness boot camp holiday…



Well as you can see Reboot Dorset is more than just a boot camp, we aim to educate and empower all that attend with the knowledge and confidence to make positive, significant and lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

For more information about our Fitness Boot Camps or to book your place please call Mark directly on 07899 933084 or email Sue at

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