Fitness Boot Camp Team

Fitness Boot Camp Team

Realising the importance of the right team, Reboot’s owner, Mark Hooks, hand-picked a team of experienced and well trained fitness, nutrition and motivational experts who work at Reboot year-round to ensure you smash your goals.

Mark Hooks: Owner and Head Coach

BSC (HONS) Sports Psychology

Army Physical Training Instructor

Register of Exercise Professionals

“I set up Reboot Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camp in 2009 as a solution for people looking to make a positive long term change to their health and fitness.

Reboot concentrates on how fitness, nutrition and mind coaching work together to achieve healthy, lifelong changes. People will lose weight and inches here but they may not get dramatic, immediate results. The week is not about how much weight can be lost in a short space of time, as this is neither healthy or sustainable. The week is about educating guests about exercise and nutrition so they can make sensible choices upon their return to ‘real life’ to ensure that the changes are long-term.

With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, having served in the Parachute Regiment and as an Army Physical Training Instructor, I know exactly what it’s like to push yourself physically and what it feels like when you achieve more than you imagined was possible. My degree in Sports Psychology enables me to understand the impact of a person’s mindset and how this can be used to motivate you to achieve your goals.

I pride myself on being able to get the best from every client and really take the time to get to know each one. I design fitness plans that take into account your personal circumstances, your motivation and your goals. My aim is to have every client leave Reboot with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, long term”.


Neil Heritage: Boot Camp Coach

Fitness Coach Boot Camp“Reboot helped to unlock my negative emotions in order to set myself positive and realistic goals.”

A vital member of the team, Neil Heritage co-ordinates the schedule of events, manages the running of the house, and trains and encourages guests.

An ex-soldier, Neil was working with a bomb disposal team in Iraq in November 2004 when he lost both legs to a suicide bombing attack. Lucky to survive, doctors said that he would probably never walk again.

Determined to prove the doctors wrong, he employed Mark as a personal trainer and, with the help of a set of bionic legs, took part in the Bournemouth Triathlon. As part of his training for the triathlon, Neil attended Reboot Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camp to push himself to the limit and to take advantage of the psychological support offered to guests.

Neil was such a positive influence to other boot camp guests that when a job came up he was the obvious choice. Guests are sometimes held back by negative emotions or a lack of confidence and seeing how Neil’s outlook has had such an impact on his achievements is real a source of inspiration.

In addition to his triathlon, Neil was a key member of the crew in the Row2Recovery challenge, rowing unsupported across the Atlantic as part of a team of injured soldiers to raise money for Help for Heroes.


Joe Selby: Boot Camp Coach

Joe is a positive, passionate and enthusiastic individual that believes in the importance of simplicity when it comes to creating a balanced lifestyle that encompasses good health and well-being.
Said with a smile: “For me fitness and nutrition are as simple as this: I want people to start MOVING. I want to educate people on how to move functionally, efficiently and effectively. Move in as many different ways as possible. Move with purpose and just enjoy the process! So how do we fuel this movement? Simply our body desires nutrients in their most natural and wholesome form”.
Since graduating in 2012 with a BSc in Strength and Conditioning Sciences, Joe has gained extensive experience across a wide range of human movement in both sport and the fitness industry. For the last four years Joe’s passion for outdoor adventure and well being has grew around his profession in Surf Life Saving. Working both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere as a beach lifeguard.

Sheralyn Stuckey: Chef

Fitness Boot Camp ChefBefore moving back to her native West Country, Sheralyn spent 30 years in London and Brighton, where she owned a tea room and a catering business.

Sheralyn attended the Vegetarian Cookery School, has completed a holistic nutrition course with the School of Natural Health Sciences and is currently studying Herbalism.

“When I’m not cooking I volunteer and fund raise for a local animal sanctuary. I love walking my dog and also spend time foraging and making jam and wine with things I find.”


Susan Hooks: Client Co-Ordinator

Fitness Boot Camp FamilyAs co-owner of Reboot, mother of two and wife of Mark Hooks, Sue knows everything there is to know about the day to day running of the boot camps.

From booking you in and confirming your details, to sorting out dietary requirements and managing the accounts, Sue ensures everything behind the scenes gets done so that every client has a fuss free and enjoyable boot camp experience.

Sue is your point of contact and will be in touch shortly after you book your Boot Camp place with everything you need to get started on your Reboot journey.



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