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15 – 19 May 2017 Fitness Boot Camp

This page is dedicated to the last fitness boot camp holiday that we ran. It includes a few of the photos taken during the boot camp week, the testimonials we received from the clients in attendance as well as the video we took and edited to remind the Rebooters what they did.
May Fitness Boot Camp UK
“I had an absolutely fantastic week!  The instructors are all fabulous and really know their stuff.  They are wonderfully encouraging and also know how to get the best out of you.  I feel like I have been taught tips for a healthy and fit life, not just a week.  Would thoroughly recommend.”  Claire Jones


“This week has been wonderful.  I have loved the atmosphere and camaraderie and have pushed myself much further than I thought I could.  I wanted to feel confident that I would be able keep up a healthy lifestyle and, thanks to Mark, Glyn and Neil, I now do!”  Rachel Jones


May Fitness Boot Camp UK


“Reboot was a brilliant experience.  It’s a challenge and hard work, but absolutely worthwhile.  I’ve learnt so much in 5 days and would absolutely recommend it.  Mark and the team were great and pushed and encouraged us throughout.  Brilliant.” Marietta


“Well planned, well organised, great trainers and a fantastic experience.” Stephen Keogh


May Fitness Boot Camp UK


“A fantastic experience that I would recommend to anybody of any age – including the over 60s like me who want to get fitter.  An excellent balance of giving information and practice – the instructors are superb.  Mark, Glyn and Neil are fantastic and caring.  Go for it!” Litsa


“Don’t think about it – just do it!  I have met an amazing bunch of people, the instructors were all incredible, the food was amazing.  I will take so much from this week and I genuinely think it will change my life!” Holli Doherty


“I was really nervous on my first day as I was completely unfit, but every day I managed to do something that challenged me.  Very satisfying to feel achy and tired but happy with what I accomplished – with a bit of encouragement.” Libby Jarvis


May Fitness Boot Camp UK


“Very personal approach – felt as if everyone was on my side to help me achieve all I could – both staff and fellow participants.  Excellent.” Anita Aldon


“Reboot – it does exactly that!   I wanted to start exercising but lacked the motivation to get started.  This week has inspired me to reach my potential.  Take advantage of the pre-training as it will help prepare you.  The accommodation and food are excellent and you will meet some great people to share your experience with.  Thank you Mark, Glyn and Neil.” Zoe Parry


During the boot camp video footage is collected during the week displaying some of the training sessions as well as the beautiful locations. It is a great motivational tool for clients when they return home and feel that they can’t complete a training session.


Here is the video from our last fitness boot camp holiday…



Well as you can see Reboot Dorset is more than just a boot camp, we aim to educate and empower all that attend with the knowledge and confidence to make positive, significant and lasting healthy lifestyle changes.
For more information about our Fitness Boot Camps or to book your place please call Mark directly on 07899 933084 or email Sue at

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