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About Our UK Fitness Boot Camp

Our 5 day residential fitness and weight loss boot camp holiday is based in a beautiful old rectory in the secluded village of Symondsbury, just 5 minutes from the beaches along the Jurassic Coastline. Leading up to your stay at our fitness boot camp you will receive personalised weekly boot camp training plans to follow to get you into the best shape possible. Reboot is physically and mentally challenging and is designed to empower you with the knowledge required to continue your fitness and weight loss journey when you return home. The programme is specifically designed to meet the level and needs for each of the clients in attendance and incorporates the physical, psychological and nutritional elements of healthy wellbeing, in a fun and relaxed manner.











Most clients feel quite apprehensive prior to arriving at our boot camp but are soon put at ease when warmly welcomed by the fitness team. All aspects of the boot camp week are designed in a way to allow your Reboot journey to continue when you return home. We have seen hundreds of clients through the doors since 2009 when we ran our first fitness boot camp. They have included men, women, young and old, they have been regular gym attendees as well as sedentary obese individuals. We pride our self at Reboot fitness boot camp in catering for everyone and ensuring no-one finds the training sessions too easy or unachievable.

We have had so much positive feed back over the years with the majority claiming their boot camp week a ‘life changing experience’. But when your stay with us comes to an end we do not leave you high and dry … on Wednesday of your boot camp you will devise a 3 month goal that you wish to complete when you return home. On the Friday the instructors write a training plan, linked to this three month goal, your physical ability, the facilities you have at hand and the amount of time you can dedicate to training. Each Sunday, before 1pm, when you have completed your weekly training plan, you simply email it to Mark (Owner & head coach) and he sends another training plan for the following week. This process continues for three months until you achieve your 3 month fitness boot camp goal set during your boot camp week.

We have found that with your weekly training plans, the recipes for all the food you eat during your boot camp week and the support from the Reboot fitness boot camp team and also the other attendees on your specific week, everything you achieve at Reboot is maintained to help grow a healthy and happier you. So if you are thinking about booking a fitness and weight loss boot camp please look no further.

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