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Are you thinking about making 2017 the year that you become healthier, fitter and more positively inspired individual?

If this is the first year you have ever had these intentions then the chances are you may well succeed. If however every other January you had these good intentions then what is going to be different this time?

Here are a few tips to make 2017 YOUR year!

To start with it is important to not consciously link any new fitness training with other lifestyle changes. Let me explain, most people tend to give up smoking and alcohol while introducing a diet at the same time they start exercising. Then when they slip up in one of these areas, like having a drink, a cigarette or a chocolate bar; the boot camp exercise and any other good intentions stop too.

If you have a bad diet but still exercise you are going to be fitter than if you have a bad diet and don’t exercise; the same applies with smoking and drinking. As you get fitter you will want to eat healthier and not have the same urges for alcohol and nicotine.

At Reboot Fitness Boot Camp I begin the week by saying, this week we are going to eat too healthily, do far too much exercise and focus too much on positive thinking.

Now this may sound crazy but let me explain.

If clients leave our Fitness BootCamp trying to replicate everything we do there, without the support of the instructors and other like minded clients the chances are they may last a day, week or if you are lucky a month. This short blast of exercise and healthy eating throughout their lifetime will just be a small blip on the radar having no real lasting healthy implications.

If however you start eating breakfast, having not previously done so, and maintain this change until 2026 it will have massive health implications on your life. In the same vain, a 30 min boot camp jog once each week with a few press-ups and sit-ups thrown in for 10 years will have profound and life changing results. Compared to a week or two of an unrealistic training regime.

Just remember, small changes maintained over long periods of time will have a massive impact!!!

So don’t start what you can’t finish by taking on too much!!!

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