The Boot Camp Story So Far

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Fitness Boot Camp Head CoachMy name is Mark Hooks and I am an ex-army physical training instructor. I now live and work in Poole and, over the last 10 years, I have been running regular fitness classes and triathlon courses around the south coast and also work in several of the local schools tackling obesity within the family unit.

We all know the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle; the tricky bit is finding the balance between exercise, diet and enjoying life. Some people can become disheartened by following the same recommended training schedules but not making any real progress. I have found that the hardest part of training is getting started. committing to yourself, friends or family that you are serious about getting fit and meaning it.

Two years ago I decided to set up a Residential Fitness & Weight Loss Boot Camp and I think its name explains what I wanted it to achieve perfectly. REBOOT!!!!

The first year was spent developing and implementing everything I had learned working in the fitness industry over the last 15 years. After many hours work over 12 months we were ready to go and Reboot’s first fitness boot camp was launched in April 2010. I put together an amazing team including a mind coach, nutritionist, fitness team, chef and massage therapy team. Our first boot camp was awesome and it started the journey for a very special young man Usman Ulhaq who weighed over 27 stone. He has since been to three more Reboots and now weighs under 20 stone. He plans to return in April 2011 and is working hard so he can kick my ass up the amazing hills Dorset has to offer.

Since April things have continued to improve and we have had nine other successful weight loss boot camps with many similar success stories.

So what is different about Reboot and other fitness boot camps?

Reboot is an education. not just about fitness but also how the mind and body work together and healthy nutrition. Prior to setting up Reboot I prided myself in empowering my clients with enough information for them to become their own personal trainer. I achieved this by meeting them weekly over a three month period and setting a weekly training programme for them to follow and log their results prior to their next session. During their three month personal training programme they were shown how to carry out speed, endurance and strength training sessions. All these sessions were specifically linked to a three month goal – for some this was a mile and a half run and for others a triathlon or Iron Man.

When developing Reboot I condensed the three month personal training course into a five day residential fitness boot camp and included three months personal training after care. When a client leaves Reboot they take with them a weekly training programme to follow when they get home. At the end of the first week home they email me their results and I adjust their programme according to their goal and email the following week’s training programme back. At the end of the three months they are invited back to a weight loss boot camp day in Dorset which acts as a reunion and also a chance to fulfill their goal. This is the main reason why I feel Reboot works!

So here we are almost 12 months on and each month produces more exciting success stories. Since December we have been providing the Rebooters with a DVD highlighting the challenges of their week which allows them to share their experience with family and friends on their return home. It also acts as a great motivational tool when they are at home and do not have the Reboot team there to encourage them. They can simply watch their DVD which evokes similar emotions experienced on their fitness boot camp week.

One of the main things say at the end of Reboot is that it is a life changing experience! If you want to read any of the many glowing testimonials we have received the you can click here.

Well I think that brings us up to date! I have every intention of regularly updating this Blog with stories of other Rebooters as they arise. Over the next fortnight I will get each member of the team to introduce themselves and tell you what they are all about.

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