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Here are the testimonials we received from our March fitness boot camp

March Fitness Boot Camp“The most positive all round experience. I have never pushed myself so hard and laughed so hard with a bunch of people I’d never met before. The exercise was varied and brilliant. The presentations were insightful and I have learned things that I will put into practice for the rest of my life. I am so grateful and I am feeling positive about this new start of my well being journey. THANK YOU!” Emily Winkworth

“Wow! I was really nervous before coming to Reboot – all my friends thought I was mad! But …. this was the best decision I have ever made …. loved it! Great time, lovely people and totally inspiring … DO IT!” Jill Warn

“Reboot has definitely lived up to its name. I feel equipped to continue with my training and new eating plan. I also feel more confident to train with personal training plans provided”. Belinda Matthews

“This week has exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would achieve what I have. Flipping the big tyre, running super fast (for me) up a hill, swimming in the sea, crawling through mud and carrying a rowing machine up Sheep Shit Hill. Great group with massive support. I am really motivated to continue and improve my fitness, hopefully for life. But I may have to come back again because it’s been awesome!” Kerry Newman

“This is so much more than a boot camp … 5 days of sweat, smiles and delicious snacks, and an education to set you up for future success. Every session is well planned and made fun – even crawling in the mud! The team is fab and so motivating. I am so glad I came!” Michelle Smith

“Reboot was on of the hardest, most enjoyable weeks of my life, due to the quality of the staff – Mark, Neil and Glyn, who made the week inspiring and fulfilling.”
Martin Thompson

“An incredibly dedicated team, driving every Rebooter to achieve more than they thought they could, and we all loved it!” Dave Warder

“Excellent trainers, very motivating, won’t let you get away with anything! Fabulous.” Cat Corbin

“If you want to kick-start your health and fitness to make long term changes, in an incredible location, with an inspiring team, then this is the place to come. You’ll be pushed to and beyond what you think your limits are, but in the most supportive, fun and genuine way possible. Brilliant!” Ailsa Redhouse

“Amazing! It’s not just about fitness, it’s about re-evaluating your goals in life. Loved every “challenging” minute. Great team – inspiring!” Tracey Vaughan

“Awesome! A fabulous week of activities, challenges, great team camaraderie with instructors that push you to your limits and not just bark instructions. With a great location, amazing scenery and fabulous food, it’s a great way to Reboot your life.” Paul Coleman

“This was the second time at Reboot for me, having loved my first time so much. I enjoyed it just as much and got different things from each visit. It really is a brilliantly organised week. The team work super hard to successfully create a really positive, fun and supportive vibe whilst motivating us to work hard.” Judy Robb

“I was in serious need of a kick up the proverbial to get me fit again after 10 years. It has been a life changing experience to stop me slipping into a cardiac risk filled old age. You’re life savers!” L K Bettering


Our next available fitness boot camp is 24 – 28 April, for more information or to book your place please check out our booking page.

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