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But if you don’t believe what you read in the press then here are a few of our many Fitness Boot Camp success stories. By the way, we still have 100% happy Boot Camp customers! You can chat to any of our past clients on our Facebook page.


Prior to attending Reboot Fitness Boot Camp I was obese and had not exercised for years. One day, after running for a bus, I wheezed and tasted blood in my mouth for the duration of the bus ride. I decided to do something about my health and fitness as I really thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was so heavy with so much body fat my periods had become irregular and I really wanted to start a family before I got too old.

I researched boot camps online. I really wanted one that had follow up care and support after the Fitness Boot Camp. This narrowed it down for me to Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp UK. I even liked the name as I was ready at last to leave my old ways behind and start anew.

whyrebootNervously I called and inquired about the Fitness Boot Camp – my main concern was that I would be holding everyone else up. I was quickly reassured; Mark Hooks explained that one of the interesting challenges of his job is to cater for a wide range of fitness levels in the same boot camp. I was also concerned that not having my usual 8 double strength black Americano coffees a day would leave my body feeling shocked. I was advised that I could take on board as little or as much as I wanted. My GP encouraged me saying that every pound lost and every bit of exercise I did would help my health.

Mark prescribed a Fitness Boot Camp Training Plan for me and in the few short weeks leading up to the Boot Camp and I lost 7 lbs in weight. In preparation I also started to wean myself off the caffeine. I was very nervous when I arrived at Reboot Fitness BootCamp, however, there was a real mix of participants all ages, shapes and a wide range of fitness levels. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging, and despite my initial reservations, we were all pushed to our own personal limits.

Initially, I couldn’t run for more than a minute without needing to walk. By the end of the Fitness Boot Camp I was breaking up a 1.5 mile walk with just a few steps of walking midway uphill. I achieved things I never thought possible and realised that I am capable.

The boot camp nutritional advice was equally amazing and was so different to any dietary advice I had ever been given. I lost many inches just after 5 days at Reboot Fitness Boot Camp. When I returned home people commented on the difference in me, not only in my appearance but my new positive outlook and attitude. The feeling of confidence and self validation continued and spilled over to every aspect of my life, the combination of proper nutrition and exercise really has given me so much energy.

My 3 month Boot Camp goal was to run a 5k for charity. By 6 weeks post BootCamp I was running 5k at least once a week, so I upped my 3 month goal to a 10k. I then completed the tough 10K Boot Camp goal in hilly Greenwich Park.

I joined a gym and continued to become stronger and fitter, with exercising 5 days a week now firmly part of my life. 9 months after I first signed up to Reboot Fitness Boot Camp I was 2.5 stone lighter and with much greater muscle mass in my body and so much fitter than I have ever been in my life. I was 10 inches smaller around my chest and my hips.
Weight Loss Boot Camp Group
By then my periods had regulated themselves and I was constantly surprising people with what I could achieve physically. I planned to lose a little more weight and then try to start a family, having spent most of my 20’s and 30’s in such an unfit state it was never the right time to try to conceive, let alone carry a pregnancy.

I had one week’s leave to use up and went on a second Reboot Fitness Boot Camp. It was so much fun, and I was once more pushed to my limits.

A few weeks into my at home training plan, I discovered I was pregnant and am of course delighted. I am now 6 months into my pregnancy and with advice from the midwives, Mark and my gym I am still exercising regularly, carefully and moderately. I have been advised to no longer run and I really miss my runs.18 months ago I never dreamt that I would ever say I am really looking forward to running and am buying a baby Jogger so that I can take the little one with me.*


I had always been a typical yoyo dieter. My lack of will power has been frustrating and this cycle has continued for the past 5 years. I have been a confident size 12 in the past and I have gone up to my current size of a snug size 14, which for my 5ft 7 height wasn’t too worrying. However I feel I have been using any excuse to turn to food and I felt unhealthy and sluggish.

Weight Loss Boot Camp GroupI had always been intrigued by the boot camps and reviews I have read in magazines. It seemed the results have proved very successful and I wanted to have the same experience as I know I will work hard and follow and continue the advice and steps suggested by the trainer.

Having completed the Reboot Fitness Boot Camp week in Dorset over a month ago, I am still lingering on cloud 9 with regards to the impact it has had on my overall confidence and outlook to my personal body image. As a bonus, I was very pleased with the results, physically and mentally. It was the perfect kick-start to changing my attitude to fitness and nutrition. The team were just fantastic, making the whole experience enjoyable, even if there may have been a few curses going through my head during the 12 hills run!

I have managed to incorporate Mark’s Fitness Boot Camp training plans into my lifestyle now. It actually helps me to organise my week taking in all areas including work and social life. I try to do most of the running outdoors, especially as the weather has been so lovely, however, I am a member of a gym so I can use the treadmill once the weather changes and gets darker sooner. I have found myself making less excuses not to train, I know how great I feel afterwards and as my clothes feel much looser, that is always encouraging to keep it up.

I liked the way the instructors emphasized measurements rather than weight, which I have managed to record weekly from our last measurement before leaving Boot Camp.

I learned more about fitness, ways to vary your sessions and move out of your comfort zone, to push yourself and to remember the Boot Camp Goal. I realised I thought of whether people were looking at me running or lifting weights and now just get on with it, it’s a waste of my time worrying about the small things!

The nutritional Boot Camp sessions have continued to stick with me, especially the importance of eating smaller meals regularly. I am more organised with my time and will keep a bag of almonds in the car so I can snack on a few after the gym, rather than build up a huge appetite for when I get home.

So far, I am really feeling the benefits of the Reboot Fitness Boot Camp UK experience, I love the fact Mark is so very understanding, even if you have a wobbly week with social/travel commitments!*


I signed up to Reboot Fitness Boot Camp as I had been thinking about it for over a year and not found one that appealed to me until I found Reboot’s website. I had been stuck in a rut for some time, doing the same exercise routine and promising to improve my eating habits time and again; convincing myself that I would get around to doing it when I had the time.whyreboot2

I chose Reboot Fitness Boot Camp Holiday UK as it seemed to have the right balance between the need for different types of exercise and understanding the importance of the nutrition side of things. Reboot introduced me into so many completely different ways of working out, from short high intensity workouts to longer slow burn exercising ensuring that my interest levels stayed high and my whole body obtained a thorough workout. The sense of achievement at the end of each evening was immense and the amazing food allowed me to maintain my drive to do more.

My three month Fitness Boot Camp goals were to learn to swim and to complete the London Triathlon both of which have been achieved with better results that I could have ever bargained for! The continued support that Reboot provided outside of the Reboot week allowed me to stay focused and take each week step by step. I can say with good authority that the time, effort and pride the Reboot Boot Camp team put into everything they do truly is an inspiration and has pushed me to do more than I would have thought possible. I already have three more Triathlons on the cards for next year. Weight Loss Boot Camp Group

If the above hasn’t made you too sick I have attached a picture of me coming into the finish of the London Triathlon.*


Before I went to Reboot boot camp back in July I was exercising a reasonable amount and eating what I thought was a very healthy diet and yet was not losing weight, in fact I was putting it on. I decided to go to Reboot in the hope of getting some focus and to be re-motivated, as well as getting some tips on nutrition.

I can honestly say I achieved all of these things and more. Although we worked very hard I learned that your body is an amazing thing and that I had underestimated my own abilities. I left Reboot Fitness Boot Camp raring to go and with a whole new attitude towards exercise and nutrition. I now treat exercise as a way of life and not a chore and I would recommend everyone to go and do Reboot.

I can now do 10 full press ups (I couldn’t do any before) and I have booked myself to do The Grizzly next March which is a 20 mile race of very steep hills, pebbly beach and muddy bogs, and it is Reboot fitness boot camp that has made me feel I can do it.

Don’t think about REBOOT it JUST DO IT!*


* Results may vary due to a variety of contributing factors.

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