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We have added just a few of our boot camp testimonials so that you can read what other people think of us…

At times it’s painful but well worth every moment! My attitudes to food and exercise have been completely changed, hopefully for good. The trainers are excellent – they somehow manage to get more out of you without you realizing it. I would recommend Reboot fitness boot camp to anyone!

Debs Morley

Reboot fitness camp offers an all rounded approach and it’s made simple for you to follow so you feel you can not fail.



d come from a very dark place, first engaging the services of the Life Coach which did me a power of good where I’d been under performing at work owing to a daily 110 mile round trip commute over 5 years. Taking that first step with the Life Coach moved me on mentally for a good few weeks. But I needed more. The softly softly approach of the Life Coach, whilst making me calmer, didn’t give me the kick up the proverbial to take greater risks and really enjoy what life had to offer. Recoiling from anything that would put me into contact with the stereotypical image of the barking ex-army PT instructors I turned to Google. Holistic was the solution I was looking for. What I found with Reboot Dorset is a mixture of exercise (which looked way beyond my 30 years of actively avoiding any exercise whatsoever), mental guidance and nutrition, all based on a comprehensive set of forms completed before my attendance.

Well what a week! Turns out that I’d booked myself on a week run by 2 ex-army PT instructors and a truly inspiring ex-bomb disposal expert who’d had his legs removed by an IED whilst in the employ of the British army in Afghanistan. OMG what had I done!

Did I get barked at? Not at all! These guys are amazing in their ability to extract the best you can you can achieve. Their ability to match and adjust any exercise you’re asked to do to maximize the benefit to yourself is truly outstanding. We had full attendance on our week where I was the lowest of the low in terms of ability against at least one individual that had a good 20 years on me and yet the camaraderie of the team and technique and guidance provided by all the members of the Reboot ream resulted in my losing 1 stone in weight. Not that weight is the focus of the Reboot team. No, they want you to enjoy getting fit. It took me until the final morning to get to that enjoying bit! All week I ached liked never before, granted they were right too when they said that further exercise would take away that stiffness that had always marked my exit from previous rounds of attempting anything strenuous. That ache was a message to my body to improve, and improve it did. That Friday morning I awoke to a painless morning. WooHoo!!

But Reboot boot camp doesn’t leave you high a dry after the week, no, they engage with you during the week to the extent that they know you enough to be able to give you a post 3 month follow-up regime to reach whatever goal you’ve set yourself come the end of the week. You get a full package from weekly updated exercise regimes, re-tailored to your actual weekly feedback on your results to the recipes for the excellent food provided by the catering team who are second to none.

Would I go again? You betcha. Would I have to go again? No, the expert tuition, the mental health and nutrition education you get during the week is more than enough to set you up for a life. You don’t have to join a gym, you can in fact get an exercise programme that is tailor made to your liking/disliking of gyms, group or solo exercises, something you can do in the comfort of your own home or partake in the local community. It really is up to you 😉

Why would I go again? Because of the friends I made during that week, attendees and staff, the post week support is the best . Going again wouldn’t be down to learning anything new, it’s the huge feel good factor you get from participating with like minded folk who want to turn your life around. It’s the most profound thing I ever done in my life.

5 star treatment!


As a working mum of two young children I had forgotten to give some time to myself. This was a great time for exercise, good food, great company, lovely accommodation with stunning views and countryside.

Harriet Findlay

This Boot Camp was amazing. I arrived there as a fairly active person, who has had some success with fitness and weight loss in the past, however I always seem to plateau after losing that first Stone. I have to admit that although I have always been really keen on the Boot Camp concept, I was a little sceptical about whether it was the right thing for me. I could not have been more wrong. This camp was so much more than just exercising …. our group became like a small family very quickly, cheering each other on, pushing each other to give 100% then afterwards when relaxing, we shared stories and experiences, supporting one another. The staff were unbelievably enthusiastic and shared their knowledge and skills in such a positive way you could not help but be motivated to try your hardest. Yes, some sessions were a challenge but none were impossible and there was a lot of focus on you being set your own personal goals, which meant everybody achieved their targets. I thought this camp would be a mere kickstart for me and that I would be left to my own devices afterwards however it became very clear that they are there to help you for months to come, tailoring individual fitness plans and monitoring your progress, adjusting them when/where necessary. I learned a lot about myself, not only how food/exercise impact my body and my performance but also how effective positive thinking can be. I would thoroughly recommend this camp to anyone, whatever your current physical state may be, it was truly an amazing week and I will definitely be back

Brilliant Boot Camp

I needed a shove back in the right direction and found Reboot via a Google search. I’m so pleased I did! Mark, Rachel, H, Neil, Naomi and Tess are all wonderful, positive people. They provide not only fitness but attitude towards life advice along with knowledge about just how good Food can be and then provide the same wonderful Food for delicious meals and snacks. Their constant presence was a reassuring and motivating hand on the back throughout my stay. I have learnt so much and found that I was able to push myself to new levels in the many varied and challenging but enjoyable sessions. I would recommend anyone who feels a little lost diet wise, or a little stuck in a rut fitness wise to give Mark’s Fitness Boot Camp a go. The setting and facilities are fantastic, the meals delicious, plentiful and nourishing and the results are easy to see as well. I lost inches from my waistline and an inch from everywhere else, along with a healthy glow to my skin from being outside in the fresh air.

I left Reboot Boot Camp and the team armed with the knowledge and motivation to go back into my normal life and really make some positive changes for the better.

Thank you all so much x :)

Emma Watling

Was a really good all round re-education in fitness, nutrition and a positive mind in a wonderful setting. Have never done so much exercise in 5 days but was surprised to reduce my running time, at the end of the week, even though I was all exercised out.

We not only did numerous forms of exercise on site but we also got out to the local beach for a swim (I watched). The instructors and speakers were wonderful and I lost a number of inches, all over, by the end of the 5 days.

I would highly recommend this (re) bootcamp.

A re-education in health and well-being

Thanks to everyone at the August REBOOT boot camp it was an amazing week. I never thought I would be able to do what I did last week. The experience has made me totally re-assess my life, a roller coaster of a week that increased my confidence beyond my imagination and has truly inspired me. I loved so many of the grueling activities – boxing, running, weights, hill runs, sea swimming and much more. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Linsey Hunter

I was nervous when I arrived, worried I wouldn't be able to do the tasks. That soon changed as our group were a brilliant bunch who really encouraged everyone to do their best. Mark & the instructors pushed us to our limits, but encouraged us as well. It made you want to do the best for yourself and the group. The hill was horrific but the view amazing. The food was excellent I never felt hungry. Neil was an inspiration and made you realise we could do anything, he motivated the group and helped us challenge ourselves more. I met an amazing group of people. Thank you Mark & your team you have changed my life.

Best bootcamp

I’ve just returned from my week with Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp. As soon as I arrived and met Mark & his team I knew it was going to be a good week and I’d made the right decision. Stunning location, great set up and delicious food certainly helped! Mark, Joe & Neil were fantastic coaches and were excellent at motivating and supporting me during the week. I was very nervous about the running but they just seemed to intuitively know what I was capable of and helped to keep me focused. There was so much variety during the week I never dreaded a session. The nutrition workshops with Naomi were so informative and helpful. I now know I have the tools to make both fitness and food related changes to achieve my goals. One thing that really impressed me was how they adapted things to accommodate the different fitness levels in the group – it was never about being last, but doing the best you can and always feeling like you’re the winner! A great boot camp; I’d definitely go back again. Thanks guys, it was fantastic! xx


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