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Reboot Testimonials

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We have added just a few of our boot camp testimonials so that you can read what other people think of us…

Before coming to the Reboot I felt stuck in a rut with my bad eating habits and sporadic exercise routine. I was constantly dieting and exercising at times but I still seemed to be gaining weight instead of losing weight. Reboot has shown me how inefficient I have been and that my habits had in fact been contributing to my weight gain. Finishing the residential week at Reboot I feel that I have the tools to lose weight and get fit and I am very excited about continuing to see results at long last.


At times it’s painful but well worth every moment! My attitudes to food and exercise have been completely changed, hopefully for good. The trainers are excellent – they somehow manage to get more out of you without you realizing it. I would recommend Reboot fitness boot camp to anyone!

Debs Morley

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Joe, Tom, and Mark for making me believe in myself and pushing me to my limits at boot camp. Also to all of the lovely girls I shared my week with for all the support you gave me and all the laughs we had really helped to get us through the days.I was dreading going to boot camp but so glad I went, although it was hard work I loved every minute of it. I learnt so much and really looking forward to continuing my training plans. Also a big thank you to Neil for the inspirational talk and to Tess and Naomi too.

Martine Roberts

“What a great experience! It’s difficult to put into words the emotion I felt after achieving SO much in just 5 days. I learnt so much, to take home and continue to improve my fitness. Beautiful scenic location, great instructors, really motivating and they know their stuff. Great!”

Jo Winterbottom

I couldn’t let it pass without mentioning my week at Reboot boot camp. It was totally inspiring, it took me to new levels of fitness and also new levels of knowledge in both exercise and nutrition. I have been to other boot camps and they are no comparison to Reboot boot camp.

Other boot camps are overly expensive and do not offer good value for money, they just push you hard to lose weight, with very little variation. They do not arm you with the knowledge you need to continue your fitness and weight loss at home through exercise plans, good nutrition, and the mindset of “can do” as opposed too “can’t do” attitude. Reboot fitness boot camp will do all those things in abundance with a great team of knowledgeable people helping you to increase fitness with the right mental attitude, encouragement and nutrition.
The talks from both Mark and Neil are so inspiring, thank you both. Also thanks to Mark, Joe and Neil for all your encouragement and pushing me beyond my limits whilst still making it fun.

The setting is idyllic and the sessions on the beautiful Jurassic coastline making early exercising worthwhile.

You leave with a set goal and Mark is there to encourage you for the next 3 months with your weekly training plans.

Will definitely be back Reboot Fitness Boot Camp and for anyone who is thinking about it, stop thinking and DO IT, you won’t regret it.

Thank you x


“I had a great week. I did stuff that I would never think I would do. I tried my hardest and felt great afterwards. It made me think how I can help myself. It was a brilliant week!”

Lorna Coates

I recommend that everyone should do Reboot at least once in their life. I’ve been twice now and both times everyone enjoyed the experience, no matter what level of fitness they were. They have a great team and as well as working you hard you have a great laugh. The food is great and you don’t feel wanting more, I have really learned a lot from my Reboot experience. Mark thanks for an awesome week!

Alan Riley

“I came to Reboot as a morbidly obese woman with 9 stone to lose. I worried about whether I would hold people back and whether I would be physically and mentally capable of completing the week. I needn’t have worried! I worked to my pace and ability and the team helped with the strength of mind by providing tonnes of motivation and encouragement.”

Eva O’Connell

Fantastic. I had a great time and learned a lot. A life changing experience that anyone, whatever size or fitness ability, should try.

Tonia Frost

“Out of this world!”

Alison Colville-Hyde

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