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Reboot Testimonials

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We have added just a few of our boot camp testimonials so that you can read what other people think of us…

As a sports coach who had shockingly failed to do any meaningful exercise for about 6 years I desperately needed inspiration to get fit again. After participating on Mark’s early March fitness boot camp and now just completed my fifth week of training it has seriously changed my fitness and lifestyle (and at this point I can confidently say) FOREVER. I know my new found friends from the boot camp are busting a gut too and loving every minute of it. Can’t wait for the Reunion in June guys and girls.

Ian Leather

Oh my god what a week – best thing I have ever done!!! You guys at Reboot are the best and I got so much from the week. On returning home yesterday went straight to the shops to get food for tea and put my oats in to soak over night. Today did all my new shopping and and to prove the mind coaching works funny story: it took me so long to get all my shopping as I had to really look for good stuff I went 20mins over in the car park and got a ticket!! The gods are testing me and do you know what I did, I just laughed as it’s not about the small things!! I know Reboot is not about the weight etc but just for info I lost 8.5 lbs during the week. Anyone thinking about Reboot, just go for it – life will never be the same as you will learn to live it!!

Victoria Cave

Excellent … brilliant! I had done another bootcamp before and decided to do Reboot aswell. I found it much more relaxed, activity focussed, great teaching on exercise, coupled with an interesting nutritional and mind training programme. Highly enjoyable and definitely recommended!

Gary Strain

Reboot is a fantastic week, which covers mind, body and nutrition. You leave having achieved so much in the week and with the tools to improve your fitness going forward. I would recommend Reboot to anyone of any fitness level.

Karen Bath

A completely unique fitness Boot Camp experience. The most physically and mentally challenging thing I’ve ever done. It was amazing.

Suzanna Buggins

Reboot bring you closer to your real self. This is the key to changing your life.


“I would definitely recommend Reboot to anyone. Hard work but no pain, no gain and I definitely feel like I’ve gained a huge amount from this experience. I love it. The instructors were great, welcoming and motivational. The food was amazing. Bloody brilliant. Thank you.”

Michaela Lamb

I loved my time at Reboot, much harder than I thought, but much more enjoyable as well. Very professionally run with constructive support and encouragement all week. The boot camp covered all the aspects I wanted from exercise, nutrition and also mind training.  JUST DO IT !!!!!!!

Dave Fisher

I attended boot camp in May, with the vague aim of kick-starting my fitness and losing a bit of weight. I achieved much more! Mark and his colleagues work you hard, but they are a great team and manage to keep it varied and fun. They are genuinely enthusiastic about helping you to achieve more than you thought possible.

I believe that Reboot boot camp offers excellent value for money. You get much more than the 5 days at camp; Mark follows up with an email-based personal training service for 3 months afterwards, tailored to your specific goals. This is a real help in putting into practice his philosophy of working towards a series of three month goals and really helps you to track progress and stay motivated long after boot camp has ended.

Despite picking up a nasty injury which put me out of action for a few weeks, I got back on track and have just achieved my goal which was to run a half marathon in under 2 hours – my first in six years. Next goal is a 20-mile multi terrain run in the middle of winter.

Did I mention the food? You will eat delicious, healthy, satisfying meals and snacks whilst at boot camp, and there’s a daily session on nutrition with Naomi, with one-to-one advice if you want it. I’ve modified the way I eat based on her advice, shed weight without even thinking about it, and generally feel healthier and more upbeat than I have for years.

I am looking forward to my return visit to Reboot Fitness Boot Camp next year.


A total fitness re-start! All done in lovely surroundings, with fantastic food and great accommodation.
I couldn’t recommend it more.
The team with Mark at it’s head catered for all levels of fitness, ages, shapes and needs. no one felt left out and the atmosphere led to all of us achieving more than we expected without going over the top!
And it was really good fun!


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