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We have added just a few of our boot camp testimonials so that you can read what other people think of us…

It is the most amazing and inspirational experience of my life that will stay with me forever. The best ever! Mark, you have really helped to educate me how to become fitter and healthier.

Lee Heaver

This time last week I was incredibly nervous as I knew I’d booked to do something that was massively out of my comfort zone (Reboot Fitness Boot Camp). Now I know that I can do a lot more than I think and more importantly I want to be able to do more…I loved it (even when it hurt!). So, massive thanks to Mark, Tom, Joe, Naomi, Neil and Tess for challenging me in a way I never have been before, and for all the encouragement and support all week, you were stars! Finally, last week could have been hell with the wrong people, so a big thank you to the 9 inspirational ladies I shared the experience with, I couldn’t have done it without you.


The ethos of this camp is simple: you get out what you put in. There is nothing faddy about it, these guys are down to earth and will get you achieving more than you thought you could regardless of your fitness level! They’re teaching a great balance between physical, nutritional and psychological aspects of life. I went home feeling headstrong and healthy with new goals to aim for, a couple of inches smaller (bonus!) and definitely more mindful of my own self. Prepare to be challenged, but for lots of laughs too! Brilliant value for money. Thank you Reboot!

Amazing Week!

“I had a great week. I did stuff that I would never think I would do. I tried my hardest and felt great afterwards. It made me think how I can help myself. It was a brilliant week!”

Lorna Coates

“Just the kick up the backside I needed. I would recommend to all. I’m looking forward to trying out the recipes!”

Deborah Weston

At the age of 56, morbidly overweight (according to my GP) and almost unable to walk, I signed up to Reboot Dorset not really knowing what it was all about. And I was there a week later with no research into Reboot and no idea as to what I would be faced with. Had I known more then I would have manufactured endless reasons (excuses!!) not to go as I had done previously when faced with exercise and yet another failed diet.

To be truthful, I hated the first two days and wanted to go home. However, with the care and support of Mark and his wonderful team, by the end of day three I was feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. My mind had never been so clear and, amazingly, some long standing aches and pains had gone away and haven’t returned.

Don’t get me wrong, I found some of the exercises absolute hell but I was never forced to do anything I didn’t want to. To my amazement I actually wanted to have a go at everything, even the running which I “don’t do”. I felt good in the knowledge that I had done my personal best and that I wasn’t a write-off after all.

In addition to the exercises I gained so much from the nutrition sessions which have completely changed the way I eat. My husband loves the “new” meals and loves the “old me” emerging from years of misery. In the space of the four weeks following February Reboot I have lost 15lbs in weight without feeling denied any type of food. Now that I am eating in harmony with my body I no longer have carbohydrate cravings which had previously dominated my whole life and outlook.

I urge anyone reading this and considering Reboot to just DO IT!! You won’t regret it, it is a life changing experience.

Reboot has changed me and my life for the better.

Geraldine Singleton MBE

“Reboot is one of the best experiences you can have with your clothes on! I’ve been twice because I love it so much.”

Jane Tombs

Oh my god what a week – best thing I have ever done!!! You guys at Reboot are the best and I got so much from the week. On returning home yesterday went straight to the shops to get food for tea and put my oats in to soak over night. Today did all my new shopping and and to prove the mind coaching works funny story: it took me so long to get all my shopping as I had to really look for good stuff I went 20mins over in the car park and got a ticket!! The gods are testing me and do you know what I did, I just laughed as it’s not about the small things!! I know Reboot is not about the weight etc but just for info I lost 8.5 lbs during the week. Anyone thinking about Reboot, just go for it – life will never be the same as you will learn to live it!!

Victoria Cave

I’ve just returned from my week with Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp. As soon as I arrived and met Mark & his team I knew it was going to be a good week and I’d made the right decision. Stunning location, great set up and delicious food certainly helped! Mark, Joe & Neil were fantastic coaches and were excellent at motivating and supporting me during the week. I was very nervous about the running but they just seemed to intuitively know what I was capable of and helped to keep me focused. There was so much variety during the week I never dreaded a session. The nutrition workshops with Naomi were so informative and helpful. I now know I have the tools to make both fitness and food related changes to achieve my goals. One thing that really impressed me was how they adapted things to accommodate the different fitness levels in the group – it was never about being last, but doing the best you can and always feeling like you’re the winner! A great boot camp; I’d definitely go back again. Thanks guys, it was fantastic! xx


The product you are selling is exceptional value for money. Well done.


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