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Reboot Testimonials

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We have added just a few of our boot camp testimonials so that you can read what other people think of us…

An excellent week! The instructors are amazing, they are supportive and fun and I never felt intimidated. Highly recommended if you want to Reboot your life!

Andrea Sterling

Fantastic week! Great people, diverse training sessions and lots of fun supported by delicious meals and always encouraging enthusiastic trainers.
All in all a truly recommendable experience for anyone looking to improve their fitness, lose weight, and spend a week very far away from their everyday life.

Thank You Mark , Beverly & Neil, keep doing your great job

Darius & Vera

Fantastic Week !

The Reboot retreat was an absolutely incredible week. I feel on a real high … thanks guys you are all amazing! I cannot wait to start my training plan.

Polly Shute

You wouldn’t necessarily associate the word ‘fun’ with a boot camp. Nor for that matter would you think great food, but my week at Reboot had both and so much more. The trainers and whole team offer a great service in a gorgeous setting. The exercise was challenging, but tailored to the different levels of the group, so you were pushed to your own potential. I have been to other boot camps, but they simply don’t compare. I came way refreshed, having laughed all week and met some great people.

The best boot camp

Thank you All, top week. Hard work, thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was the kick I needed to get me moving again….

I would recommend Reboot to everyone who wants to get back on track or just a week of getting fit and have fun….

Thank you guys. I hope to see you again next year….

Excellent Week

Prior to arriving at Reboot I was totally lost with an ever increasing waist line, little or no self confidence and a future of regret and emptiness. then my Reboot journey began! Over the last four months I have lost over 6 stone and know that this is only the start as I am currently training for a 10km run this November. The weight loss is only a small part of how my life has changed. I have a greater confidence in every area of my life with such hope for the future ahead. I have re-enlisted back into my university course and for the first time in my life have aspirations for the future. Not everything in life smells of roses and I do have my bad days, but Mark and Katie have given me the tools I require to overcome the barriers as they arise. I would recommend Reboot to anyone!!


I am Rebooted! I am 52 and have achieved more this week than ever before! So …. if you think you can’t, have a rethink and a REBOOT!

Yvonne Ridge

I cannot recommend this bootcamp highly enough. I arrived at bootcamp explaining that I could not run due to a back condition – Mark was able to encourage me with such baby steps that by the end of the week I was running alongside the other participants. The bootcamp is suitable for ALL ages and fitness levels as the experienced trainers take account of where you are in your own personal fitness journey, and push participants to meet their own goals. You will learn about useful training tips, expert nutritional advice and leave the week feeling tested but enthusiastic about what you can achieve. Above all its a FUN week with lots of laughs and camaraderie along the way

Best Bootcamp EVER

A wonderful week at Boot Camp. Intense exercise with technical training and personal 1:1 coaching on every aspect of physical fitness. Fantastic food, excellent nutritional coaching. The most notable part was the inspirational/motivational coaching and teaching and, strangely, the atmposhere. The website does not fully portray the greatness of Reboot!!!

Melanie Dani

Reboot gave me the confidence to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I met some great people who I enjoyed sharing the experience with. Brilliant!

Jade Wallis

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