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Reboot Testimonials

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We have added just a few of our boot camp testimonials so that you can read what other people think of us…

The people at Reboot fitness boot camp are genuinely interested in helping you. They are also lovely to be with.


“I went to Reboot with zero motivation, feeling really deflated and not enjoying exercising. I have come out with positive thinking, wanting to embrace healthy eating and exercise into my lifestyle. Amazing – best thing I have done.”

Rebecca Hall

Best week EVER. Never felt so proud. Thanks everyone for making it so amazing. I cried pretty much all the way home (from happiness)!

Cara Shore

Reboot exceeded expectations. I walked away feeling that no only could I achieve any fitness goal, but also more informed about fitness and nutrition. If you want a boot camp that will completely change your mindset for the better, then this is it!

Molly Fleming

UPDATE: I have just returned from my SECOND Reboot experience and I can honestly say it's still awesome and has exceeded my expectations (again).
The instructors: Mark, Neil and Glyn constantly manage to motivate everyone – in our group of 14, all of us gave our everything in all activities and we pushed ourselves to our limits. The encouragement from the instructors and everyone in our group was brilliant; there was always a helpful word or a real motivating shout to help us up that hill, tip the extra tyre or sprint just that little bit faster to the finish line.
Naomi's nutrition presentations were very informative and the recipes for the week were sent to us on our return home.
Sheralyn, the chef cooked great nutritious food for the week from Naomi's menus, so we were assured of eating the correct food.
Reboot Dorset definitely deserves to be in the top 10 boot camps in the UK and I would rate it at the top, but perhaps I'm biased because I've not tested any others out! However, I wouldn't want or need to, as Reboot is perfect in every way.
I would highly recommend it, for a second time, and I'll be booking my third visit for sure!

I’ve been Rebooted…twice!

The Reboot boot camp team can be trusted to respond to your needs in a caring, considerate way whilst challenging you sufficiently, so that you emerge from the week having stretched yourself and can work towards your goals. Amazing, challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.

Gill Tunney

A fantastic boot camp experience, it was intense and challenging at times but with the support and encouragement of the instructors and the rest of the group, everyone completed the tasks-each pushed to their own personal limits. A great group of people from all walks of life, we had a lot of fun. Lovely accommodation, healthy food and experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated instructors. I attended with my 20 year old daughter and we both loved it, if you’re thinking of doing a boot camp, this is definitely the one to do.

A fantastic boot camp experience.

Starting as a couch potato 5 days ago, I now have the energy and motivation to improve my health by participating in a exercise programme. Thank you Mark for building my self esteem and encouraging me to push to failure. A big thank you to Joe & Neil also!

Dee Oakley

Mark has created a life changing experience that has given me a new lease of life. His team are brilliant and help push you to achieve but always are supportive when you need it. The food is yummy, amazingly healthy and the recipes are being used in my house. Since coming back my life has changed beyond recognition because I am way more positive, exercising and no longer eating mountains of rubbish. RebootFitness Boot Camp is brilliant and I use his methods at least once a day to help improve the quality of my life.

Chris Hansen

The Reboot retreat was an absolutely incredible week. I feel on a real high … thanks guys you are all amazing! I cannot wait to start my training plan.

Polly Shute

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